The film is set inside a russian mansion and begins with morning procedures for one of 1900s most controversial politicians, Lenin.

The film is set inside a russian mansion and begins with morning procedures for one of 1900s most controversial politicians, Lenin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciano G (ru) wrote: A snow-covered dark comedy that should please a wide variety of movie lovers for all the good reasons....

Adam R (it) wrote: (First and only viewing - 10/13/2008)

Jim C (it) wrote: good hk movie, exciting :)

Eric R (de) wrote: Lymelife is a coming of age story which takes place in 1970s Long Island. It chronicles the disintegration of two families dealing with various issues such as adultry and lime's disease among others. Rory Culkin stars as Scotty, the youngest in his family who is witness his parents growing more and more distant. Scotty is kind of an outcast at school, and he is madly in love with is oldest friend, Adrianne, a girl he has grown up with. Lymelife is an emotionally charged dramedy that takes a close look at a deteriorating family with all it's intricacies, while also taking a close look at the feelings in which one can have when dealing with their first love. The ensemble cast is really the main reason to see this film. There are strong performances across the board, particularly Rory Culkin, who is really a strong actor, and his performance is important central performance which gives the viewer their point-of-view. Lymelife succeeds more than it fails but it really just reminds me of an American Beauty or Far Away From Heaven - on training wheels. This dysfunctional american family dramedy is solid but definitely not exceptional considering the many other films of the genre that are stronger.

Carlos R (us) wrote: alright this is not scary... but it's fun!

Stanley C (kr) wrote: Not only are the special effects and puppet designs pathetic, but the characterization and story plot is both extremely unusual and non-entertaining. You're better off to infinity watching Gremlins, which this movie ripped off.

Alison R (br) wrote: John Wayne, Jim Hutton and oil fires - what more could youwant!

Steff A (nl) wrote: The movie was very good. On the other hand I wasn't impressed and it wasn't what I expected from my second Buuel movie. Not with the first one being "Un Chien Andalou". First of all no surrealism in this one. None whatsoever. I was waiting, waiting, paying attention but it never showed up. Maybe a touch of symbolism but nothing special either. That wasn't particularly bad, just not your typical Buuel. "Diary of a Chambermaid" is a film depicting the hypocrtitic, fascist-loving France of the early 1900's. And it does a pretty good job at that too. Having the story of a chambermaid as the vessel, Buuel's comment becomes intriguing to watch. The bourgeoise family, their "court" and their neighbors give us a good picture of the social conventions back then. It is a rural society but it is no different than what the city would be like. That's because decay has reached every layer of this society. All these would have gone to waste had the aformentioned chambermaid been played by a talentless cow. Talentless cow couldn't be further from the truth. Jeanne Moreau is simply perfect. Perfect acting, perfect age, perfect looks. All these contribute to making Celestine one of the most amazing female characters ever captured on celluloid. With subtlety she weave's her web around everyone. She keeps her motives hidden and progresses towards her goal slowly but steadily. The fact that she is likeable while keeping hidden an entirely different beast, and you can tell up to a point, is Moreau's triumph. The rest of the cast and characters follow closely with realistic performances par from Michel Piccoli, at certain points, whose constantly horny Monsieur Monteil provides the comic relief of the film. Buuel's direction is, as you may have already guessed, pretty "normal". You can see some of his touches but in general the movie is performance centered. I guess he was experimenting by not experimenting. In conclussion, this is a film worth watching. You just have to be aware of what it's going to be. Certainly not the best choice for a first Buuel film. Come to think of it, if it was an episode of a "Dynasty"-like series taking place in the early 1900's we would be talking about an absolute masterpiece. Yes, that would be a masterpiece.

Michael T (au) wrote: From the opening cymbal crash and on into the twenty-minute all-star mini-tribute to the musical SHOW BOAT, MGM makes you aware that you are watching something special; a lavish Technicolor tribute to songwriter Jerome Kern with a silly plot which is peppered every five minutes or so by a Metro star singing a Kern melody: Judy Garland (directed by Vincente Minnelli) does "Look for the Silver Lining" and "Who?", Angela Lansbury sings "How'd You Like to Spoon with Me," Lena Horne sings "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" and "Why Was I Born?"; "Cleopatterer" by June Allyson, and a humongous finale ending with Frank Sinatra crooning "Ol' Man River."

Benjamin W (gb) wrote: A pretty standard 1940's romantic comedy, but with an added benefit of that supernatural twist. It's pretty much "Bewitched" before it even existed . . .

Vadim D (ru) wrote: This may not be the best Josef von Sternberg and Dietrich combination, but their "worse" is still worth a viewing or two. This film deserves more recognition than it gets, if only for the gorilla dance scene.

Mike B (gb) wrote: A good cast. Not a good movie. Vapid and utterly without lasting impact. Hard to believe this was written by the same writer who wrote "The Graduate."

John B (br) wrote: This was a dull movie with bad acting in it, if it wasn't for the Kung Fu scenes it would be a real yawner

Jacob H (nl) wrote: Robin Williams portrays a saddened, soon to be women, who will stop at nothing to see his kids and ensure they are safe and happy. A heat felt, humours film that represents the talent of Robin Williams. Which is directed and written in such a comfortable and easy to watch manner that it has aged so well and to this day, remains one of my favourite comedies.

Steve M (gb) wrote: "1492: Conquest of Paradise" is an interesting film from Ridley Scott as he tells the story of Christopher Columbus. It features a great performance from Gerard Depardieu and a good supporting cast including Sigourney Weaver, Armand Assante and Michael Wincott. The cinematography and the score are makes the film even more memorable. The movie tends to drag with the running time clocking in at 2 1/2 hours.

Heith P (fr) wrote: How the fuck is this movie gonna get 43% user score?!? That's not right, movie was damn decent.