A mouthy and feisty taxicab driver has hot tips for a green and inept cop set on solving a string of New York City bank robberies committed by a quartet of female Brazilian bank robbers.

Belle Williams is a speed demon. Flying through the streets of New York in her tricked-out taxi, she's earned a rep as New York's fastest cabbie. But driving a hack is only a pit stop for her real dream: Belle wants to be a race car champion. And she's well on her way--until she's derailed by overeager cop Andy Washburn, whose undercover skills are matched only by his total ineptitude behind the wheel. Washburn, whose lack of vehicular skills has landed him in the precinct doghouse, is hot on the heels of a gang of beautiful Brazilian bank robbers, led by Vanessa, their cold, calculating--and leggy--leader. To nab the evasive crooks, drivers license-less Washburn convinces Belle to team up with him to pursue Vanessa and crew. Belle has carte blanche to drive at any speed and break any law. The car-less cop and speed-demon cabbie--New York's unlikeliest partners-- begin a high-speed game of cat and mouse with the robbers. That is, if Belle and Washburn don't end up killing each other ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nandita A (ru) wrote: Vuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nick A (de) wrote: Slow pace, despicable behaviour and dito characters (couldn't care less whether they live or die), and an image of the army that is probably accurate, and scary as such. It had something though, but this isn't enough to call the experience enjoyable.

Casey P (it) wrote: great coming of age true story - must watch

Evan K (it) wrote: I love parts of it, but it seems more like a compilation of scenes that are too disconnected. The late introduction of the blind, deaf women weakens the first nonsensical half. There was no motivation for the directors presentation style. And the three love stories that parallel each other are too similar for me to be entertained. But it is a great film. Too stylized is arguable, but the girl landing on the fat guy to kill him is funny, too absurd to watch seriously,

Simone L (gb) wrote: What a heartwarming film this is! I was misty-eyed through and through! Dame Maggie Smith was as always, amazing.

Jacob D (kr) wrote: One of the better musicals there are and one of the best Coen brothers movies.

William B (kr) wrote: completely sick OTT HK Cat III black humour - brilliant performance by Anthony Wong, who, with great vigour, carries the entire grisly proceedings

Jeff B (nl) wrote: This had the potential to be an awesome horror/slasher film. The opening was great an the whole set up is perfect. Come on, a house filled with actresses auditioning for the role of an insane character while is killer is on the loose? This is horror gold. What I loved about this film (and actually had some issues with) was the killer. I thought the actual killer was excellent, the mask was indeed freaky and I absolutely loved that the it was introduced to the whole cast as an "acting device", so we can't really guess who the killer is, since all of the cast members have been around the mask beforehand. However, I wish the killer in the full mask was around more, we don't see him/her around too much. The ice skating scene was awesome (Christie, you had a great death), but I wish there were more of those great moments. I love Michael Wincott, so I wish he was in it more, he was there for about a second: "Hello girls, this is Michael." cut to: Michael dead in the hot tub. And I think this is the first time I've seen Maury Chaykin thin. Anyway, with a better script, this could have been a classic. I loved the stuff with the doll, and the scenes with the ugly killer mask. If the two killing devices were used more in the entire film, I think this would have been creepier.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: Giant killer bunnies. Bad acting, Bad effects, but it's amusing as hell and kept me laughing. Not a serious scare-fest, but can killer giant bunnies be scary? Probably not. It's horror-lite, and enjoyable as hell

Daniel D (fr) wrote: Yeah, I probably liked this more than I should. I just found it quite entertaining.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Un film tutto sommato apprezzabile che nonostante molte incertezze riesce comunque ad intrattenere con facilit.

Shashatha H (it) wrote: With fine performances from Kirsten Prout & Chloe Bridges and some breathtaking drama, Social Nightmare succeeds in executing a fine film. 8/10

Brittany W (de) wrote: Wes Anderson is hands down one of the most talented and underrated directors in Hollywood today!

Chus v (es) wrote: One of the greatest B-Movies of all time. Absolutely essential fun.