Taxi 4

Taxi 4

Before being extradited to Africa to stand trial, a notorious Belgian criminal is entrusted to the Marseilles police department for less than 24 hours. But the wily crook convinces bumbling policeman Emilien he's a lowly Belgian embassy employee who got railroaded by the brilliant master criminal.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   prank,   police,  

The story is beginning with a hyperactive Belgian criminal, "La Belge", undergoes extradition to trial in Africa, en route, he temporarily lands in the Marseilles police department for a few hours and bamboozles Emilien into believing that he';s actually a Belgian embassy employee railroaded by the real crook, who is now at large. Emilien foolishly buys the story and sets La Belge free, prompting an outrageous and explosive series of complications. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackie S (fr) wrote: what a delightful surprise of a documentary!

Eliabeth T (nl) wrote: I thought this film was excellent. It was meaningful, thought provoking and so real the interactions between the characters. It is worth seeing.

Ajayesh S (kr) wrote: This movie is full of garbage, and the film-maker actually buys his own bullshit. It is a highly biased look at Reservation and the mandal issue without actually passing judgment or voicing an opinion on it. The crux of the issue for many is simple and this is a personal opinion and not open to debate - "Do two wrongs make a right, and that's exactly what reservation appears to be - creating a wrong to make a historical wrong right, when nobody from the past exists". Also another logical issue - Should a person just clearing exams through his career be practicing medicine (on anyone) or should such a person be performing maintenance on aircraft (of any kind). The way to tackle inequalities (and make no mistake, there are many in this country, is to give free and equal education to all, and then let competition/merit thrive, irrespective of origin) is spoken of by the main protagonist, Amitabh in one of the scenes but in trying to pacify the masses, Prakash Jha let that thread die. Rseservation (in all its forms) is just a political tool used by politicians (without merit) to protect their constituency (and will remain so). In a warped way, this has actually helped so-called upper castes, by feeding them on a steady diet of uber-competition and creating a breed of over-achievers who have to get ahead and stay ahead in life to get what they want.

Peter W (au) wrote: A interesting Little Indian film by David Lynch's daughter.

Tsubaki S (au) wrote: I remember being quite dissapointed with this one, both as a fan of the manga and as a fan of action cinema. Gans clearly knows his hong kong cinema, but he's no Woo, To, Lam or Hark. Needs a rewatch for sure.

Martin B (es) wrote: This movie is a bit what we in swedish call "Gubbsjuk" That would be close to sexist in english or something that way but nevertheless do we here have a pretty nice very australian film.James Mason was very old even in 1969 and Helen Mirren was very young but they do find each other anyway. Small cast, casted away on a island in the Great Barrier Reef. The small roles are played excellent by unknown actors. Life is gritty and a bit out of order in Australia. In a way it has similarities with a dystopic sience fiction in way. Portraing people far away from pretty everything eventhough a small boat can take the islanders n to a small town on the mailland.The movie has some nice twists in plot and some nice music, Espacially in Mirrens under water swining and diving scenes.The very end is a bit weird and the movie is of course most known for showing a lot of Helen Mirrens most bare acting, but still, a neat movie.

Greg B (us) wrote: A film like this is a fresh wind in the storm of sfx-jiggled crap put out today. Simplistic in bringing Abbey's work to film, no one else could have played it like Kirk Douglas. No wonder it's his favorite movie. Mister Douglas is 92 years old. If you enjoyed this film, drop him a line thanking him.

jay n (de) wrote: Average western of note only as Angie's first big featured role.

Alyan H (mx) wrote: A decent flick with a decent story and acting

Troy K (br) wrote: Better than expected, but could have been so much more.