Taxi A

Taxi A


"Nikt nie mówił, że życie jest piękne" - słyszy pewnego dnia rekin biznesu Andrzej (Dziędziel), dowiadując się, że jego sprytny wspólnik i niewierna żona wspólnymi siłami puścili go w skarpetkach. Prześladowany przez złośliwego komornika (Woronowicz) załamany mężczyzna rozważa już pożegnanie się z tym światem, gdy nagle przychodzi mu do głowy szalony pomysł, który na zawsze odmieni jego życie. Z dyrektorskiego stołka przesiada się na… nadszarpniętą zębem czasu łódkę. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

grace g (jp) wrote: very emotional 'n sad storyline with a quite satisfying ending. it's just great japanese style storytelling. morbid love and all.. >< >< i mean.. one of the characters sleep in a coffin for crying out loud! >< ah well.. it's so good though hehehe

Brandon W (gb) wrote: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the directorial debut of Tetsuya Nomura who's one of the creators of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is my favorite to play, and was also the character design of Final Fantasy VII. It stars Steve Burton in a computer animated science fiction about a disease that's affecting most of the children, and also Cloud Strife (Steve Burton) himself. So he goes driving around and away from his friends after the events from Final Fantasy VII, and he come across three guys who are part of Sephiroth, and they want to find their "mother" in order to form back to the original state. This is actually the first Final Fantasy film that I've watched years ago, and despite me not knowing the knowledge of the game itself except for the characters that were in Kingdom Hearts, I remember liking that film. Now I'm not going with the complete version of it, I'm reviewing the original version, and if I want to do Advent Children Complete, I'll do it if I want to. So with the original itself, it's a lot better than The Spirits Within. The effects still look amazing as ever as it flows really well with the action scenes and everything else, and not only does it look like Final Fantasy, it feels like one. The action scenes are a lot of fun to watch which The Spirit Within has good action scenes, they're just not as epic as this one, and even the plot in this is better also, although for people that never played the game, they would get very confused unless they really focused on what's going on, and then you at least get a little confused unless you know what the game is about. The score by Nobuo Uematsu is catchy to listen, especially when it comes to Sephiroth's theme, that stuff will never get out of my head. The acting is good, but at times it does sound a bit off in terms of the approach of the scene. The characterization is better than Spirits Within, and while you probably want a bit more of it, you think about it, and understand about what they dealt with in the past, which is more than enough. Fans of the game will love this film, I mean, it is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, it's a film for the fans, but it does try what it can from the non-fans to get a glimpse of what's going on, and for someone like me that never played the game, I rather watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Ace Attorney, and Silent Hill over any mediocre, terrible, or downright insulting video game adaptations.

Fred L (de) wrote: The Mother of all swordfighting scenes for a finale.

Donald A (kr) wrote: Nothing new from this family comedy about a grandfather and his grandson going through life's problems.

Private U (jp) wrote: The story of best friends huh r in love with same girl one decides 2 sacrifice his love but a misunderstanding creates a rift between these 2 friends. typical action movie and songs sung by kishore da and rafi saab were classic tunes.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only full viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Cooper C (jp) wrote: Another "Raids Again", but I think it's just as good as the first Mecha-G movie.

David C (us) wrote: Varios de los cortos son buenisimos. Tognazzi y Gassman grandes.

Pierre D (gb) wrote: This is an opaque movie , with a 45 year old mifune playing a callow youth, it is downright embarassingly miscast. He does rage pretty well, thats about it. The story leaps around with no sword play that I can recall. Japan is beautiful, and village life is captured timelessly. I will have a look at the others, but the first movie in this series does nothing for me, it just is not any good.

Knox M (fr) wrote: Slightly over-Americanized, Saboteur is an OK film from the Master of Suspense.

Indra W (it) wrote: This is a formulaic family movie, perfect for Chrismas. However, I got a decent quotes:M: Well I have plenty of bad memories.N: Well there's nothing you can do about those. But you do have a say-so over the good ones.

Amanda C (it) wrote: This is the first version of Hamlet I've seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I clearly have not studied enough Shakespeare, because I had no idea what they were saying most of the time, but that didn't matter because they all say it so well. David Tennant has a wonderful way with language. Fabulously articulate, and beautifully paced, he is absolutely electric. You can't take your eyes off him. He makes fantastic use of his closeups engaging the audience directly, staring straight into the camera and out towards them, drawing you in. It's unsettling and also completely mesmerizing. Patrick Stewart is also fabulous offering a calming dignified counterpoint to Tennant's manic physical energy. The direction threw me a bit as it's a mix between film and theatre. The staging is very theatrical and fantastic use is made of closeups, but the mix of the two makes it slightly odd to see. Actors are never that still in films and there are rarely such long stretches of a single person speaking while everyone else on screen sits and watches them. As this is from a stage production and there are a ridiculous number of soliloquies in the original text, the director can't be entierly faulted and he should be commended for letting his actors do what they do best and not overshadowing them. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully desaturated and bleak. Great use of shadows especially on Tennant's face, making good use of its angles. The mirror motif and the duality of sanity and insanity within a single person was well done, through actual mirrors and the mirrored floor. The security camera inserts were unnecessary. I understand the idea behind them, but it comes across as trying to make it more cinematic, which is unnecessary and pulls focus to how uncinematic this production is. The feeling of surveillance was much better portrayed through the use of two way mirrors and people peeking out from behind curtains and doors.Overall most of the problems with this production come from treating it as a film, which isn't completely fair as it was conceived as a stage production. Whatever can be said of its filmic shortcomings however, is more than made up for by truly mesmerizing performances that fascinate whether you can follow the text or not.

Robert I (us) wrote: The uncut version is beyond better than this commercial release. Welcome to America, Woo.