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Te quiero

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Lincoln B (it) wrote: It's nothing like the old grandpa in Jackass.

bill b (ag) wrote: This was tooooo wordy

Ted S (au) wrote: Perhaps the best treatment of the theme of revenge and forgiveness I have ever seen in a film. Powerful, disturbing, but ultimately hopeful and uplifting, it is one of those movies that is difficult to watch but when you are finished you are glad that you did.

Andriy D (au) wrote: One of the best Iranian films I have ever seen. Wonderful cinematography. Another imaginative reinterpretation of the neorealist tradition.

Jared L (kr) wrote: Long forgotten childhood favorite.

bill s (us) wrote: I wish they threw Joe in the first five minutes....one of the worst movies of the year.

jay n (mx) wrote: 70's time capsule is chock full of fantastic music, the soundtrack is justly famous, and excellent actors. The basic story line is David vs. Goliath but is entertainingly played and provides a look at what FM radio use to be. Good concert footage of Jimmy Buffet and Linda Ronstadt give a sense of what live concerts were at the time. Of the performers while all are good a few stand out. Martin Mull is a hoot as the egotistical and somewhat child like disc jockey Eric Swan and the great Eileen Brennan makes a lot out of her small part as the world weary DJ Mother. No one did world weary as well as Eileen Brennan. Not a great picture but for any music lover unmissable.

Paul L (au) wrote: Ilsa's back and this time she's a private contractor! Working for Sheik El Sharif, she's breaking in abducted women to serve in his harem as sex slaves.Not bad, but unlike "She Wolf" which is (very) loosely based on the horrific medical experiments the Nazis conducted, this is a pure exploitation flick.

Mike H (fr) wrote: Jack Nicholson does fine as a director. But the material he selected to direct is too strictly literary, one of those this-is-a-real-film-about-real-people-myannnn! late-1960s/1970s counterculture cynical character movies, which is ultimately unrewarding, even while it is sit-throughable. The performances are good, especially from Dern, but the lead is too dopey looking to carry the movie.

Graham B (ru) wrote: The fifth and fortunately last of the original 'Apes' films.Since Conquest, humanity has destroyed itself in a nuclear apocalypse and Caesar has established a city of apes with the remaining human survivors as second class citizens. After a reconnaissance mission into the nearby forbidden city to seek out recordings of his murdered parents, he attracts the attention of mutant humans who are dwelling in the underground radiated city. The humans follow the apes back to their home and declare to level it killing everyone. Caesar must lead a climatic battle to defend their home against the mutants humans and also against the threat of the war mongering gorillas led by General Aldo, who seeks to rule Ape City for himself.Clearly the storyline barrel has been dredged and there is not much to see here. The poor script and micro budget make it look like what it ultimately is. A feature length pilot for the subsequent TV series. I'm not sure what else the story could have done, but as Beneath and Conquest were unusually good sequels it would have been good to finish on a high note. Alas not the case.

Mark F (au) wrote: Far better than a Kendrick Brothers movie in almost every respect but not completely flawless.