Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet

A rugged city editor (Clark Gable) poses as a journalism student and flirts with the professor (Doris Day).

James Gannon, the hardboiled city editor of a newspaper, believes that the only way to learn the business is by way of the School of Hard Knocks, and has a very low regard for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (it) wrote: There's several reasons I enjoyed this movie. I thought the twist near the end of the film that changes how you viewed what already happened. And I think that's the best type of twist, the type that completely changes how you viewed everything that already happened. I think it's a tad convoluted, but it was a good twist. And the other reason I liked the film was Vidya Balan. She has a confidence about her that is a welcome sight and she does a great job in this film. The problem with this film is that the story, or better yet the story progression, is lacking. The movie progresses like this 'find a lead, follow up on that lead, get a clue that leads to another lead' rinse and repeat. And I hate films that progress like that, it's just not good. The film tries to tie it to Vidya trying to find her husband and never giving up, so they do try to make it a personal affair for the main character, but I simply don't like this story progression. I suppose every film like this progresses like that, but it's far more noticeable in this film. Still, it's still a good film from top to bottom. There was never any point in the film that I thought that it was bad, so it's never bad at any point fortunately. That's about it really, this is a solid thriller. Flawed, but solid.

Tymythy A (gb) wrote: I only gave it three stars because I really did not like the ending of this movie. It was good up to the ending.

Aidan M (jp) wrote: It's a good fighting film. Not the best but could be worse

George I (au) wrote: i actually saw this in theatres because someone wanted to see it i said i know this is going to suck on a whole new level. and without a doubt in my mind seagal managed to fail royally again with another atrocious action flick that was beyond ridiculous from the get go

Samantha S (mx) wrote: Not bad -excellent script (David Mamet) and setting (Chicago) and cast (Joe Mantegna looking very yummy)

Kenneth S (ru) wrote: Mildly entertaining if a bit standard. It is very interesting to see David at work on various art projects and learning about his odd career. Filmed in conjunction with Lost Highway, this documentary is worth a look.

Luis S (de) wrote: la mejor pelicula de munequitos y la mas comica

Sam M (ag) wrote: Roy Scheider uses just enough aggression to make his character work.

joseph h (br) wrote: One of the best horror movies ever.

Tim B (us) wrote: if you watched the tv series you'll like the movie