Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Leanne is salutatorian when she needs to be valedictorian to get her scholarship to Harvard. The only class she is worse than the leader in is history, taught by Mrs. Tingle, and the teacher hates her. When an attempt to get ahead in Mrs. Tingle's class goes awry, mayhem ensues and friendships, loyalties and trust are tested by the teacher's intricate mind-games.

The story of a girl who is willing to do anything to become Valedictorian, even if it means murdering the teacher that stands in her way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teaching Mrs. Tingle torrent reviews

Brian M (de) wrote: This is a fantastic movie, fun for all ages. You wil laugh, you will see yourself , and you will be challenged with thought. Professionally done, great acting and production work. I encourage you to buy this DVD and watch it and then tell a friend to buy it and watch it.

Bradford L (nl) wrote: Funny but it's a rip off of meet the parents

Mike L (gb) wrote: Charlize Theron's performance in Young Adult deserves praise. She was absolutely perfect for this role. The script and directing are both smart which makes for a very enjoyable yet subtle film

Toby E (mx) wrote: A street racing professor / archaeologist that flaps, coughs, and smears all over '500yr old' text and artefacts.. This film is terrible, I almost switched it off.

Kinkykia69 T (br) wrote: HOLY MOLY creepy lil fuckers arent they? Looks kinda good tho

Kevin P (nl) wrote: As a dutch person i found the English translation of this movie pretty terrible. But the movie itself is like a little jewel that isn't discovered yet. Carice van Houten delivers a great performance, and the story is easy to follow. But keep in mind, that this is a children movie and not something that adults really could like watching. Overall its just worth a C !

Lynn A (br) wrote: My favourite movie of all time, it really should be one of the best movies ever and Diane Lane is amazing in this..

Cresswell S (au) wrote: decewnt litle direct to dvd thriller, nearly killed swayze litteraly

WS W (mx) wrote: Maybe it was because of the heavy Irish accent. Maybe the film turned out to be more about gangsters than IRA. Maybe the film was mainly targeted at Irish or British audiences. I find it rather raw, obscure & uninteresting.

Tim S (us) wrote: Terrible film but there is some great acting in it.

Grgory C (kr) wrote: In The Name Of Love . . . .

David R (us) wrote: Great music. I was Junior Walker's Manager and Producer.

Madeleine M (gb) wrote: christopher reeve is fahbuloooous in this.has a steve martin vibe to the style of humour. you know what i mean.

Paul D (jp) wrote: A sequel that continually lumbers along and doesn't really make fantastic leaps and bounds in its story despite being over two hours long. However there are some nice musical numbers.

OutRajious C (ca) wrote: So bizarre and different it's a little piece of heaven.... Strangely relevant today.

TonyPolito (es) wrote: In the same way that mid-Century San Francisco is so lushly admired by "Vertigo," this film preserves and adores mid-Century Hong Kong. Though the actors deliver their story competently, the film's best recommendation toward today's viewer is the extensive high-quality cinematography of 1955 Hong Kong, its streets filled with small exotic shops, Repulse Bay unshadowed by skyscrapers, the city's waterways afloat with authentic junks, kaitos and sampans. Cinemascope; color by DeLuxe. Every non-dialogue shot is on location; dialogue shots/scenes are set pieces, employing location back-plates as required. The "tree on the hill" scenes, for example, shot in Southern California, not Hong Kong."Splendored" is a dramatization of the 1949 star-crossed, forbidden love between a Western reporter (Holden) and a Chinese/Flemish doctor (Jones). Much of the dialogue and storyline is adapted directly from the source autobiographical novel by Han Suyin. The film's a Fox vehicle, among many out of the industry during the 1950s, intended to soften existing racial prejudices (eg, "South Pacific," "The Searchers," "The Defiant Ones," "The World of Suzie Wong"). It is ironic, then, that Fox refused to cast the female lead ethnically and instead inserted a proven Caucasian box-office draw, on screen without any accent and a face barely made Chinese at all. The tag-team commentary by a historian and veteran film technicians is above-average but not outstanding. RECOMMENDATION: See it. Gorgeous viewing that captures well a time, culture and beautiful locale long gone by.

Sausages M (nl) wrote: Unintentionally hilarious, campy melodrama from the House of Sirk. Wyman and Hudson have zero chemistry and are painted as mannequins with very little to do except emote. The script is lousy and Hudson is as wooden as the trees he cares for. Only the excellent Agnes Moorehead shines in this dreck, and sadly she doesn't get very much screen time. As a satire of 50s conformity, it just about checks all the boxes, but unfortunately falls into all the clich (C)s as well. So, dated, and only really good for laughs unless you're a silly housewife who's been frozen in carbonite for the past 50 years.

Nico S (fr) wrote: Eddie Murphy is undeniably charismatic in the movie, his jokes are the only ones that land. A lot of the the other jokes are just a bit too campy, and delivered from mediocre actors. The plot is extremely predictable and the action scenes are underwhelming, except for the truck scene. The only reason to watch this movie is for Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy alone.

Hunter S (mx) wrote: Freaking funny ~~ Will and Zach

Andrew H (ca) wrote: I can relate to this movie in one way. Glad it ended the way it did.