Technotise: Edit & I

Technotise: Edit & I

Technotise: Edit & I is a Serbian animated feature film. The plot is set in 2074 in Belgrade. The main character is Edit Stefanović, a female psychology student who, after failing the same university exam for the sixth time, decides to visit a dealer on the black market who installs a stolen military chip in her body that will record everything she sees to help pass the exam. Edit also has a job at a scientific and social research company, in taking care of Abel Mustafov, an autistic math genius who discovered a formula that connects all forces in the world, but no computer was able to calculate it fully without becoming self aware and shutting down immediately after that. After Edit sees the formula graph, the chip calculates the formula, able to "survive" thanks to its connection to Edit, develops a parallel personality and affords her abilities greater than she ever imagined...

Belgrade 2074. Edit is a student. After a few failed exams she decides to implant a memory chip... but, something strange starts happening to her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Technotise: Edit & I torrent reviews

Andy M (nl) wrote: Truly awful!time and again a character would speak and not be shown, as soon as the camera pans to the speaker they stop speaking. The acting is as wooden as a Thunderbird puppet and 'special effects' couldn't be less impressive if they'd tried to make them badly. Absolutely dreadful!

Raul B (fr) wrote: Good Spanish film about 3 female detectives, (something you don't see much in the movies), each with their own cases as well as their own struggles with life and relatioships. Very good absorbing performances from all the three leads.

Abhishek S (us) wrote: Funny, caustic and clever writing. Competently acted by Aaron Eckhart and clever direction by Jason Reitman. He is an original.

Aaron G (br) wrote: eh it was ok but i wish there was more action in it but hey this is my second godzilla movie ive seen

Jack C (ag) wrote: Tight, thrilling, and chillingly relevant, this is both a compelling sequel and a captivating prequel. McDowall left Andy Serkis some large prehensile-toed shoes to fill.