Tee Ratra

Tee Ratra

Tee Ratra is a Marathi movie released in 2010. Produced by IT Clicks Productions and directed by Viju Mane. The movie is based on an over suspicious husband and the limits he will go, to spy on his wife.

Tee Ratra is a Marathi movie released in 2010. Produced by IT Clicks Productions and directed by Viju Mane. The movie is based on an over suspicious husband and the limits he will go, to spy on his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra G (ru) wrote: Le realisateur a su trouver le ton juste pour aborder avec legerete un sujet sensible et dans l'air du temps, le desir d'enfant. Mention speciale aux interpretes.

Robert G (it) wrote: Oh come on, it wasn't THAT bad. Could have been better, but it made a pretty good movie for TV at least.

Michelle G (br) wrote: Lame and low-budget. But the story was really nice. Great movie. Like a family movie.

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Simon D (ru) wrote: Not your typical Stephen Kin fare. This is quite dark and a more serious subject than most which I think crossed the line of bad taste in a few scenes. Not a bad story though.

Dilhara A (es) wrote: A powerful story about a controversial issue of a failing justice system and taking the law into ones own hands. Parts of it are a bit muddled however. Delivers on the mystery factor.

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