Teenage Caveman

Teenage Caveman

In a post-apocalyptic future mankind is lives in a prehistoric manner. After killing his father for sexually assaulting his girlfriend, the son of a tribal leader runs away with a group of his teenage friends. They are taken in by Neil and Judith who introduce them to the vices outlawed by their tribes namely sex and drugs.Neil and Judith, however, are genetically altered indestructible mutants who have their own plans for the future of the human race.

Teens encounter people, who, after being used as guinea pigs for the experimental testing of a virus can live forever in a post apocalyptic world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilena G (fr) wrote: Pleasant holiday movie, predictable but hits the spot.

Vincent L (ag) wrote: The plot is so similar to Murakami's "South of the Border West of the Sun", but lacked the depth of the novel. Particularly after you find out at the end that the woman the main character met after decades was a fake.

Ryan S (de) wrote: A throwback to classic cars, stunt scenes, chases and suspense horror. The villian, a guy who could be your neighbor, is well portrayed by Russell. It's long, with sometimes what feels like dull fillers, but it's Tarantino so it is expected. Worth a watch and feel free to miss a moment here or there until the White Dodge Challenger shows up.

TTT C (it) wrote: (*** 1/2): Thumbs Up An interesting film. Well-acted and directed.

Stacey Paul B (it) wrote: A gritty well acted well detailed powerful and gripping police drama. That has a good cast but does have many a clich (C)d line when it comes to Colin Farrell's script.

Zeshan R (ca) wrote: what a load of rubbishacting, storyline was crap and the film wad pointless and boring. what a waste of time.

Joe W (kr) wrote: Yuck. What a waste of extreme talent, I'd like to see what roles a lot of these actors passed up for this piece of trash.Pointless. Predictable. Half of this movie is surprisingly spent with Mike Myers playing a bad caricature of a flamboyant flight attendant trainer. Not surprisingly it's just the same as half of the characters in the Austin Powers series. Physical deformity? Check! Weird accent? Check! Corny jokes, followed by his own awkward laugh? Check! A character with a nervous twitch aided by some kind of prop? Check and check!Oddly enough, the performances get worse from there. It seems that everyone came to pick up a check only in this poor excuse for a RomCom.This movie so badly panders to the female demographic that it has nothing else to offer when you get bored with the lame jokes and paint-by-numbers love story.Avoid at all costs.

Amy H (de) wrote: Leelee Sobieski is just simply awesome in this movie. She plays a great goth chick. Totally see this movie.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: That was painful. Still lovin Isaac Hayes though!

Jerrod K (nl) wrote: Best thing Paul Hogan's done since Crocodile Dundee

Owen L (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen.This classic inspired so many other good movies. An AMAZING idea INCREDIBLY put together with perfect acting, and a strong story. Its hard to find ANYTHING wrong with this movie. Then you realize that there isn't anything wrong with this movie. Its one of those movies that are just perfect. A must-see masterpiece.

Pablo Martin P (nl) wrote: Wajda is an old friend of Polansky. I'm sure that the latter has seen this movie. The realism so well acquired in the Lodz school of cinema shows here with an intensity that I've only seen later in "The Pianist". It is true that Korczak (the jewish doctor that prefers to die with his orphan children) is too much of a saint. In the beginning is attitude is seen as naive, but is in fact a moral rectitude unfound in hard times. I suspect that Korczak knows that the end is inevitable, and he makes a promise from the beggining to follow his childrens anywere (at least he doesn't look as an stupid man). It is interesting how similar are the events depicted in this movie to some pictures seen on television about the "security wall" that Ariel Sharon has built here in Israel. And more interesting is how nobody seems to realize that connection. Probably the most accesible Wajda film that I've seen, because of the known subject and the clear and direct treatment. Some remarks about the Jewish Commission that helped the Germans run the ghetto are original. Watch it.

Kriss T (nl) wrote: We often hear of films being remade to fit into the current times. Usually these are films that were iconic in their day or critically acclaimed. As we all know this often does not work but that is because it is always difficult to top something that was already solid. With Internal Affairs we may have found a smaller film that could benefit from an adaptation into today's world. Here we follow an ambitious Internal Affair Detective suspect and investigate a potentially corrupt officer. It begins clunky, lacking of direction, shoddy editing and ham-fisted acting however as the second half rolls around the plot thickens, we go deeper into the character's psyche and we see the hero slowly turn into the villain. It is as if with the flick of a switch it completely changes tact and so much for the better. The clunky opening is soon forgotten and the initial narrative drive becomes a MacGuffin and it is from this moment that Richard Gere really shines through in a charming, manipulative role. This is a film that surely would have been solid in its day but unfortunately does feel dated now. It has a B movie/TV movie feel from the direction to the script to the editing. Some of the early shots fail to inspire or bring an emotional connection for the audience to hold on to but what it has is a narrative that twists deeper like a knife into a ribcage. If this were to be updated this could be something sharp and incredible. That isn't to say Internal Affairs is a bad movie. It has plenty to enjoy but unfortunately will be forgotten.

Michael F (it) wrote: the last, decent entry.

Mysisterfoney I (es) wrote: This was so funny. I liked it a lot. I never heard about it when it came out in theaters.