Teenage Dirtbag

Teenage Dirtbag

A popular high school girl is harassed by a delinquent boy until they are placed in creative writing class together. Through written words, they create a bond, but tragically a bond that cannot withstand her social pressures or his brutal home life.

A popular high school girl is harassed by a delinquent boy until they are placed in creative writing class together. Through written words, they create a bond, but tragically a bond that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chungus M (ru) wrote: This film gave me AIDS. It is doubtless the worst film in the Dhoom franchise. Dhoom 2 was fucking brilliant because it had lots of motorbikes. This film is gay because it only has 5 minutes worth of motorbikes and not enough plot holes. Would give 0 stars if possible. I want my money back (and a cure for AIDS).

Mathieu P (au) wrote: Absolutely ming-boggling justice system in the United States! A 66 year old comedy legend goes to jail for selling bongs on the internet... And is humble and calm about it... This movie is very intresting and frustrating. Richard Roeper said it best; 'you don't have to be a drug-user to agree with this movie'.

I am A (ru) wrote: This was a crappy attempt at a zombie movie, nothing original reminded me of Dawn of the Dead

Bolly B (fr) wrote: A few funny scenes (Josh Hartnett playing "A streetcar named desire" on stage made me laugh) but the rest is boring

WS W (kr) wrote: Quite a solid drama & looks very much like an European movie probably owing much to the film was directed by Peter Sehr (a Germen director).

Tristan P (es) wrote: Not too bad. But not very good either. The opening cartoon titles with a redo of Henry Mancini's theme by Bobby McFerrin.

Maggie G (au) wrote: It is romantic and I like that love chemistry, but did not really enjoy the ending of the story.

Darryl S (gb) wrote: A tremendously ensemble acting piece that's anchored by Sally Field's and Danny Glover's emotionally resilient characterizations! The final scene of "passing-the-bread," in its thematic irony, is shattering in its simplicity; the fade-out is (for me) devastating. That scene has never failed to leave me in tears.... One of my all-time favorites!

Anthony J (it) wrote: This was a pretty decent road movie. Art Carney is wonderful as the elderly titular character: Harry. He goes cross country with his cat Tonto on an adventure seeking happiness, enlightenment and meeting many eccentric characters along the way.That being said, I must point out that Al Pacino ' s performance in the Godfather part 2 was more deserving of the best actor oscar in 74.

Teija R (kr) wrote: Yksi versio Bram Stokerin Draculasta. Pettymys. Ei vetnyt lhimainkaan vertoja sille versiolle, jossa Gary Oldman nytteli kreivi Draculaa.

Simon D (ru) wrote: Yet another cockney gangster movie with more twists than a dancing competition at a chubby checker appreciation convention. Daniel Craig is miscast amongst the usual faces, but perhaps not more so than the evil gang boss played by Dumbledore himself.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jose R (de) wrote: David O Russell directs a great thematic film with a great cast ensemble. A+.


Brandon W (gb) wrote: Zombeavers is definitely something that I don't expect it to be a masterpiece, and I know that it's not going to take itself seriously. So it's a fun movie that lives up to the title. Even if I took the movie seriously or not, I still find some of the characters annoying and a bit too mean-spirited at times. The effects look hilarious to look at, especially when it just shows the Zombeaver's head moving fast constantly, but I'll give it credit to the design of the creatures that they look creative. The movie is aware that it's stupid which I like, and they make fun of it too which is funny. There're some good thrills in there, and it did made me wonder about who's going to die of live which makes it unpredictable. It has fun moments and a lot of good humor, whether it's intentional or not. Zombeavers isn't high art, but it's not suppose to be, and it's suppose to be a B movie which it successfully does.