Teenage Monster

Teenage Monster

In a little Western town, a boy is subjected to rays from a meteor. As a result, he grows into a teenaged, hairy, psychopathic killer. His mother hides him in her basement.

In a little Western town, a boy is subjected to rays from a meteor. As a result, he grows into a teenaged, hairy, psychopathic killer. His mother hides him in her basement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah E (de) wrote: It was a messy but substantive piece of art. I think it could've been put together better, yet deserves props for capturing a beautiful story with real emotions. And it just made me love The National even more for being so down to earth and "coffee house" people :)

Abdullah A (it) wrote: Good plot poorly executed.

Chakravarthi V (it) wrote: Loved Ranbir's acting, and like the moral of the film, had fun watching it!

Pia K (nl) wrote: Aika ennalta-arvattava ja pitkhk leffa, vhempikin olisi riittnyt? Pointsit siit ett elokuva perustuu tosiasioihin. Matt Damonia ja elimi on mys aina kiva katsella. ;) (suom. Koti elintarhassa)

Marlowe E (ag) wrote: "You seriously think I'm a cop in a skintight red and blue suit?" -peter parker

Gary S (it) wrote: Just picked it up for like, $3. It's gotta be worth that! I mean, the trailer looked damn cool!

Jack G (mx) wrote: liked it more than I expected considering both bands are basically penultimate hipsters (not, arguably, at the start of their careers, but after a while, oh boy). but the music is all good, and the antics of Anton Newcombe, whether it's the whole story or not it's the film, are fascinating to watch. It's nothing new, but it's still engrossing to see someone who is able to have so many small self-destructions. compared to them, the Dandy Warhols might as well be NSYNC, albeit fame only coming to them so high in Europe.

LeeAnn F (kr) wrote: Paycheck starts off well enough. Ben Affleck, wearing douche bag sunglasses, is a reverse engineer. He is paid to duplicate and, hopefully, improve existing technology. After project completion, his memory of the project is erased from Affleck. His character is shallow, with shallow relationships and seemingly no immediate family. He is given a three-year project, which includes the standard memory-erasing clause. At the end of the project, he immediately senses that something is wrong. He has only clues to help him weave through a tangled web of chaos. In theory, it's a pretty good premise. However, after a solid beginning, the film struggles with execution. There are too many movie cliches -- the long car chase scenes, the shoot outs that go on forever and involve the token catwalk. Affleck's acting is not great either. He seems disingenuous throughout the whole film and lacks the depth to convincing convey the proper emotions toward the leading lady, Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman is a bright spot in the film, managing to turn ridiculous lines and horrible directing into the character with the most depth.

John B (br) wrote: Decent movie to start the Final Destination series. The concept is pretty cool. The best thing about this film is watching sequence of events that ultimately lead to someone's death.

Trinab G (us) wrote: This shyt funny as hell :-D

ken k (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorites although it does take you to some dark reality. By films end all is well. Kind of like Christmas itself with ups and downs but in the end is all worth it.

Tony D (au) wrote: Kind of depressing, but well done in the comedic timings of a seasoned director.

Michael M (au) wrote: Apparently, this film has the first homosexual rape scene? Otherwise, Verhoeven's over praised film is just another excuse for his trademark sex and violence!

Katie L (au) wrote: Another cheesy movie about ice skating that I can safely tuck away into my "guilty pleasure" pile. I just found out they are remaking this (same director even) for next year, so I thought I should check out the original. Good cast (how freakin' adorable was Robby Benson?) and decent plot. Now I can finally match that theme song to the movie :)

Ann P (fr) wrote: Painfully funny--a welcome relief from Hollywood flagwaving.

Victor F (br) wrote: Horrible performance of Cuba gooding Jr....