Teer enta

Teer enta

A nerdy vet gets help from a genie to catch the attention of the woman he loves.

A nerdy vet gets help from a genie to catch the attention of the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jane a (au) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. The acting was good and the story was inspiring. I loved the real footage at the end.

Chantal v (ca) wrote: Well this was a lovely surprise. Nothing spectacular, but a warm, funny and atmospheric village tale that make you want to go visit it now.

Myna W (es) wrote: This is an incredibly frustrating movie that starts out pretty strong and goes into a tripped-out universe at the centre of the film, the animated Congress, of the title. But it stays too long there and by the time we get out and see the bleak Dystopia that's left of the world, we're past caring. Ambitious & but overly-realized. Still, glad I saw it, as it's wholly original and quite a head trip.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Gardeners in Wayne County beware. An old toxic waste dump has mutated area slugs into carnivors. Solid horror film includes a memorable gory death scene of a young couple.

Jon M (de) wrote: got much better by the end (or was it when Lisa Ray walked in? :)

Private U (br) wrote: i wonder if it sucks or if its good like the last one

Lando C (mx) wrote: I recommend all writers to watch this

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Pretty decent, Carpenter attempts to be funny but isnt really as narrator - first story is boring, second far-fetched but the third is superb - Hamill is immense in the psychotic role and shoild have had a lot more plaudits for this performance

abdurahman m (gb) wrote: yez moooooooooooooooooooom that iz great mom

Stuart K (nl) wrote: This is what sprung Hammer to prominence, they bought the rights to do this big screen adaptation of the 1953 serial broadcast on the BBC. It shocked viewers, but when Hammer got the rights they wanted to show more than what the BBC version would allow. It's still effective all these years later, and it was the template for the Hammer Horrors that were to come. A manned rocket, which was developed by Professor Bernard Quatermass (Brian Donlevy), crashes in the English countryside, the only survivor is Victor Carroon (Richard Wordsworth), who is shellshocked and battered. He's taken to hospital, but it's not long before he undergoes a horrific transformation, murdering some of the hospital staff and escaping into London. Quatermass and Inspector Lomax (Jack Warner) go on a hunt to find Carroon before he does more damage. But not before they discover what happened on the rocket, where the other two crew members seemingly vanished. But, Carroon's transformation doesn't stop and he transforms into something hideous. It's a brilliantly suspenseful chiller, and a forerunner of what was to come with The Fly (1986). Director Val Guest does well with the material, and he seemed able to turn his hand to anything, and he gets good performances from his cast here. Hammer wanted more, and they got it.

Sharku T (kr) wrote: Stupid characters,main character isn't interesting,doesn't feel like a spy story. Villain with absurde plan. I could rant about this movie for a long time.

Fadi S (gb) wrote: This movie is a collection of a splendid storyline, outstanding performances and directing.

Ryan G (br) wrote: I know what you're thinking. De Niro as a cop? And Billy Murray as a gangster? They are both surprisingly convincing, and the lovely Uma Thurman gives one of her finest performances. Caruso gives his finest performance as well, but I have not seen him in much.

Ben R (it) wrote: Funny movie. All haters can GTFO

Anthony C (es) wrote: I movie made for the whole family

Luc T (gb) wrote: Horrible piece of crap