A family in Jerusalem is torn apart by the mysterious disappearance of their father after a tragic a car accident.

A family in Jerusalem is torn apart by the mysterious disappearance of their father after a tragic a car accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra D (us) wrote: There are some entertaining moments but again this is a film that has to rely on raunchy bits to be funny. I'm getting tired of seeing movies that have writers or comedians that aren't smart enough to play to the top of their intelligence.

Guilherme N (br) wrote: Besides a good title, a good effort, good actors, good fx, it's a boring uninteresting pointless slasher, without a ounce of irony.

Angel M (ca) wrote: Outstanding movie!!!

Alice Clearman F (gb) wrote: Brilliant, amazing, breathtaking, beautiful... an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Dan H (mx) wrote: Good story, good acting, made you keep watching. Hard movie to pick sides, you root for both good people.

Robert W (de) wrote: Great movie. Still laugh everytime I see it

Alex r (es) wrote: Slumber Party Massacre III is a solid conclusion to the series considering the let down of the second sequel. The attempt at humor is replaced with good old fashioned elements which make a slasher film great to watch. Everything that the filmmakers missed the mark on in the second has been fixed. The third entry in the series doesn't drag till the last few minutes of the film to get the killing started. The first kill in this one happen within the first ten minutes, and it's very bloody, just like in the first film. The thing with The Slumber Party Massacre films is that they're films that you have to remember that they're very tongue in cheek in nature. This third entry is a lot of fun with every clich aspect that you'd expect from a Slasher film: tits, sex, gorgeous women, drunken teenagers who are clueless and of course a psycho wielding a power drill. The return to basics is what makes this film worth watching. Sure, it's silly as hell and plainly ridiculous, but it's meant to be a lot fun, and it delivers it in spades. Sure the film is uneven, but what Slasher film isn't? This is a fine conclusion to a unique series of Slashers that redeems the mistakes of the second film. I'm glad that the filmmakers didn't overdo the series with a lot more sequels. The three films here are fine the way they are. It's a good thing the filmmakers where to draw the line.

James M (ca) wrote: Very downbeat so don't watch if you want to see characters get happy endings. I also found it difficult to like any of the characters either, they do bad things and pay the consequences but without giving you any feelings of retribution. Controversial at the time, but probably no worse than an episode of Jeremy Kyle these days. Jennifer Jason Leighs portrayl of the hooker Tralala is superb and the scenes of the strikes give you a powerful feeling of how futile their plight was. Always entertaining but not as complete as it could have been.

Chris B (fr) wrote: This film is my personal favorite Indiana Jones movie. I believe The Last Crusade has the best action and pure Indiana Jones moments in the entire series. Harrison Ford is outstanding as usual and Sean Connery plays the Dad role perfect. This movie is outstanding and you could put it in at any time and get enjoyment out of it. This film is nothing but pure fun so thank you Spielberg for again making my life better!

jay n (fr) wrote: Not as good as Casablanca but still entertaining, Hedy Lamarr is fantastically beautiful almost otherworldly and plays her part well with a sort of wounded sadness.

Lawrence W (br) wrote: Since I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, why on earth would I root for the Browns to have anything positive happen to them?