Tekken: A Man Called X

Tekken: A Man Called X

Suffering from amnesia, a young man trying to discover his true identity is kidnapped by an underground crime organization and turned into a ruthless assassin.

Suffering from amnesia, a young man trying to discover his true identity is kidnapped by an underground crime organization and turned into a ruthless assassin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian M (it) wrote: Horrendous... Horrific... Just bad... And I only watched 20 mins before switching it off! There was a blonde woman with a dodgy accent, the effects were shocking, and even worse was the over-acting... C.Thomas Howell has a lot to answer for!

Niyor D (fr) wrote: Definitely slow if u'r not an arthouse lover..but you dont want to break the spell by walking away either.

Vivek K (kr) wrote: A Romance shrouded in Absolute silence ,which at the same time is mystic , Poetic and sublimely erotic . An amazing experience - unlike anything i ever saw on screen. Cant wait to watch rest of Kim Ki-duk's movies !

Leena L (it) wrote: Weirdly funny silly thing, just like Amy Adams' character, bubbling on. Families. what more can I say. They bring out the best and the worst in people, clearly.

Mike S (fr) wrote: Messed up. Great film. Great acting. But messed up. Go see this film. It was great not because of Hopkins really, but, Norton stole the show here, played the character Will Graham very well.

Eunhae Grace H (de) wrote: Regardless of it being an unrealistic and overdramatic, it was a good reminder for me to keep reaching out to the kids Im teaching. "Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm."

Nik M (br) wrote: Excellent. Phenomenal. It leads in allegory and the heaviest commentary one could find in political and social terms. Medium Cool eventually proclaims one grand conclusion that is impressive and memorable. The natural display of its final event is curiously suggestive.

Wayne S (ag) wrote: A brief Buuel (about 40 minutes) but one worth seeing, "Simn del Desierto" was the director's last Mexican film, and the third to star Sylvia Pinal, who was launched to stardom in Buuel's previous film, "Viridiana." One more chance for the master of the surreal to poke his finger in the eye of the Church which he loved to ridicule, but which always informed his world-view and sensibilities. Simon is a fifth century ascetic who spends his days and nights standing atop a large stone column in the desert. This particular form of mortification has given him a reputation for wisdom and holiness, and monks from a nearby monastery visit him daily to leave gifts of food and wine, which Simon pulls up on a rope. A dwarf herdsman tends his goats nearby and he provides a cynical counterpoint to the holy man's pronouncements. But Simon has another frequent visitor in the person of Satan himself (Miss Pinal) who comes in a variety of guises... a voluptuous schoolgirl who flashes her breast at the saint, and lifts her skirt to adjust her black garter belt; a bearded but obviously feminine Christ who kicks the little goats and taunts the frail pedestal-perching monk, and a coffin riding demon who threatens him outright. Always Simon retains his resolve to purity, but one senses his position is weakening with the continuing assaults. The last few minutes of the movie are truly bizarre, but pure Buuel, as a modern day jetliner swoops in to take both the devil and his/her prey to a New York City discotheque. The film is a delight, but not the maestro's best, because it seems a bit contrived and "one note." Buuel's jabs seem not directed at the Church or the Faith so much as toward the hubris and shallow religiosity that make the professionally devout an easy target. As the version I saw was a Criterion release, there were included on the disk some worthwhile extras: a documentary about the director's career in Mexico, before he left to return to Europe, and an interview with Miss Pinal in which she explains the extraordinarily short running time. Originally she envisioned a film in three episodes with a different director for each, but when Buuel approached his friends Fellini and Jules Dassin, they agreed but only if their segments could star their own wives, Giulietta Masina and Melina Mercouri respectively. (Now that is a film I would have loved to see!) But Miss Pinal, seeing the project as her idea, balked at the participation of the other actresses, and so only the one story, Simon of the Desert, was ever filmed. Some writers have labeled it "unfinished" but that is not the case. The director says concisely in forty minutes exactly what he means to say.

John Y (de) wrote: Very sweet film, and classic children's tale. One for the whole family.

Art S (nl) wrote: Over-the-top screwball comedy about a theater impresario (John Barrymore) and his protege (Carole Lombard) who splits with him after too much histrionic behavior and goes on to be a movie star. Over-acting is the soup of the day and things become fairly manic once everyone boards the titular train and tries to make this into a "comedy of remarriage" (which it is not, because the stars are not married, which could be shocking for its day). Howard Hawks directs.