Anxious to use artificial life to improve the world, Rosetta Stone, a bio-geneticist creates a Recipe for Cyborgs and uses her own DNA in order to breed three Self Replicating Automatons, part human, part computer named Ruby, Olive and Marine.

Anxious to use artificial life to improve the world, Rosetta Stone, a bio-geneticist creates a Recipe for Cyborgs and uses her own DNA in order to breed three Self Replicating Automatons, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Teknolust torrent reviews

Carolyn W (nl) wrote: More sophisticated than most preteen fare. Definitely has some issues, but the talented cast deals well enough with the preachier moments.

Gere K (gb) wrote: I just wanted to see if the film was a good download, in two hours, the movie is over and I didn't notice time pass by.

Per M (us) wrote: En vrdels rulle, dr man anvnt Blair Witch P "tekniken" att allt filmas av en av skdisarna, handlingen r mer n lovligt dlig och skulle inte ens hitta nt bra att sga om denna film om jag blunda med ena gat och kisade med det andra. Bland det smsta av det smsta, usla skdisar gr inte saken bttre.Filmen knns som dom filmat den under en natt och brjan av morronen. Se den fr faaan inte.

Scott E (us) wrote: whiniest 14-year-old boy voice possible: "But MOM!!?! What about my documentary?"

Duncan S (gb) wrote: This is the reason that arthouse thrillers dont usually work. Its all art and no thrills. A female spy travels to France and Italy to find a colleague whos in hiding accompanied by his 2 (incestuous children) John Turturro turns up as a poetry spouting hitman, but this one was dead in the water from the start

Guido S (jp) wrote: A semi biographical film in the vein of 8 Mile, but this time covering the life and times of Fiddy Cent aka Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. As a fan of his earlier work and seeing him move into acting in straight-to-video movies, I wasn't entirely sure this was going to be good. However, I liked it. It's not as good as 8 Mile, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Fiddy is growing up with his relatives when they discover him with a gun and he runs off. He starts hustling a street to make ends meet. This eventually leads him to a beef with one of the drug lords when he doesn't want to work for them and pursue a music career. I enjoyed more of the first half where it was more about his struggles to survive and how he got to be where he is, instead of the later parts where it is mostly a urban crime movie. Despite this, the film was enjoyable and I enjoyed it.

Piotr W (au) wrote: In its category, definitely a masterpiece. It only makes you laugh when half of your brain was eaten by Lecter or you're stoned, other way I really can't see why it did unless you couldn't find a better way to express your surprise how stupid a movie can be.

Ben C (au) wrote: It's cast is left muddled in a predictable mess and finds itself broke down on the side of the street.

Sawan K (ca) wrote: Brilliant masterpiece by Abbas Mastan.

Joshua C (de) wrote: Alfonso Cuarn does not fail to deliver yet another well-crafted and magnificent film. The film presents a possible future for the world in a harsh and depressing manner. There is a certain scene in the film that is so emotional and powerful the audience almost forgets the horrors and tragedy that the film offers. The performances of the actors and actresses are spot on and the cinematography is outstanding.

Stefanie K (fr) wrote: It's bad but also to good to not watch it ...

Jared F (jp) wrote: Fun covered in mountains of cheesy goodness. Gooftastic.

Jerry C (kr) wrote: Lucker is a cult phenomenon in Belgium. A lunatic escapes from a psychiatric ward and goes on a murderous rampage, involving sadism and explicit necrophiliac scenes. Not for the faint at heart. Chaotic and terrible directed and acted. But, hey it's really a local cult classic.

Philippe D (de) wrote: Un trs bon petit western, dont la force est dans l'alliance, sans doute assez ose pour l'poque, des codes du western "classique" avec un certain ralisme de la duret de l'expdition, ce qui tait indispensable pour rendre crdibles les enjeux de l'histoire.

Viktor B (au) wrote: 10/10 briliant comedy. I remember each dialogs even after 25 years. Every 3-4th year I watch again and again.

Russell S (kr) wrote: With a darker tone and darker ending there is little joy to be had here. There's good use of the available budget with the exception of some awful ape masks used on many extras.It's certainly watchable and it's themes and ideas are of interest but it's still oddly unsatisfying.

Paul D (jp) wrote: James Bond isn't exactly one of my most favorite characters. I find most Bond movies to be boring overall. This one is a bit different and I am thankful for that. Daniel Craig does a great job in this. While this movie isn't without a few slow parts, it is still worth watching.

The D (jp) wrote: Joe Cole really makes this film. Playing a hardworking boyfriend and expectant father, Tommy, he has everything to live for. This is shattered when his probation officer girlfriend Elise (Nixon) witnesses those responsible for an armed robbery amongst the backdrop of the London riots. They exact her silence in brutal fashion. Tommy reeling from the events gets himself incarcerated in a young offenders institute to find those responsible.Cole is particularly convincing as a man normally capable of controlling a hot temper who is pushed over the edge. It shows just through his face all through and not just as some lad who thinks he's hard.What I did find hard to comprehend was the white members of the cast talking like "they is from Haarlem" but that in itself is where the film offers a realistic outlook as you hear it on the streets everyday.Also the ending is a little ambiguous and for me incomplete. It is brutal but not visually the emphasis being placed more in the mental torment being endured.

Andres V (fr) wrote: Desafortunado Scott Cooper contar con ese reparto para salir con tal chorro de babas con ese guin tan pendejo. El personaje principal (Christian Bale) es un clich y el resto de personajes muy similares, el protagonista es el mas de malas del universo y su final es apenas obvio. Aburrida y larga.

Sashenka P (nl) wrote: Stranger Than Fiction is a fantastically unconventional film starring Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Queen Latifah, Dustin Hoffman, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. This comedic drama allows the viewer to experience the story of their own life in a new perspective. Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), is an IRS agent living in America in our present day who goes about his daily mundane routine: brushing his teeth with a certain amount of strokes, timing how long it takes him to tie his necktie, and counting every step he takes on his way to the bus for work. One day, however; Harold is surprised by the voice of a woman (Emma Thompson) narrating his life. Though Harold can hear her clearly all around him describing his every move, everyone else seems to be oblivious to the voice. The only person who believes that his life is indeed being narrated by an outside figure is a university English professor (Dustin Hoffman). Harold first seeks him out in desperation when the narrator in his head says that a malfunctioning of his wristwatch will lead to his death. In order to find out whether he will truly die or not, he listens intently to the professor's advice. They meet up consistently trying to narrow down what kind of story the narrator is dictating. While this is going on, Harold is also in the midst of auditing a woman named Ana Pascal. Harold develops feelings for Ana and the professor uses this to determine what genre of literature Harold's life is playing out. If Harold's new love life is advancing and enjoyable, then it would appear that he were in a comedy, and if not, then he would be the main character of a tragedy which would end in his imminent demise. One day, during a meeting with the professor, Harold hears the narrator's voice on the TV in the professor's office. The narrator is in fact a famous author named Karen Eiffel. He then goes on a journey in search of this author who is inevitably trying to find a way to kill the main character, Harold Crick, in her latest novel. Harold has little time before Karen's typewriter will conclude his life with his untimely death. One prominent aspect of this wonderfully crafted film is the use of props. The director, Marc Forster, uses commonplace objects to form vivid images in the mind of his viewers. For instance, the toothbrush Harold uses each morning to brush each one of his teeth a set number of times is the first tool he uses to get out of his mundane routine. At his moment of conversion from rigid order to just simply living for every minute of every day, Harold picks up his toothbrush and brushes so fast that it is impossible to keep track by counting strokes. This demonstrates how Harold has let go of his tight grasp on his life and has resolved to being free of such precision such as counting brush strokes. Another example is the green apple Harold grabs out of the fruit bowl to eat for breakfast just as he heads out the door for work each morning. The same ordinary apple rolls by Karen in her search for a meaningful death for her character, and in this moment, it becomes clear to her how her tragic hero must die. There is another moment in the film when Harold realizes while taking an apple from the dish that this is the last one he will eat before his last breath is whisked away by the thumping of Karen's fingers on the keys of her typewriterA second aspect of the film that adds to the characters' individual personalities is the use of background music. The most obvious display of this in the film is the music that plays while Harold performs his morning routine. It is the same every time the viewer sees him brushing his teeth, tying his tie, and counting his steps to the bus stop. The music is quiet, simple, and repetitive just like Harold Crick's life. On the other hand, whenever Ana's bakery appears in the film, punk rock music blares in the background, filling the atmosphere with aggressive and rebellious vibes. This is very much a description of Ana's character. She is quite a troublemaker, refusing to pay her taxes in entirety and, as a result, is being audited for her lack of cooperation. She makes her own set of rules. She paves a road for herself as a university dropout and starts her own business. She is her own boss and lives life as she sees fit. The effective music in this film goes above enhancing the intensity of the production but also shows the stark contrast between the different characters. As a whole, this film sends a brilliant message on the meaning of life. It makes the audience reflect on their own lives and judge whether they have lived meaningful and gratifying lives or have been their own cruel orderly taskmaster. Through the thoughtful use of different elements such as props and background music, just to name a couple, this film is a major success. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!