Bollywood 2011

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Telugammayi torrent reviews

solidity q (jp) wrote: Matilde Gioli is beautiful in this.

Gwendoline N (it) wrote: M (C)lanie Laurent, magnifique comme toujours !

Harrison R (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this very real exploration of what it's like to teach and not sell out. The solution is very plausible, too. David Koechner didn't stink it up too bad, either.

Rahil S (us) wrote: Emotional, provocative, suspenseful, great story about people with difficult lives in the middle east. Fantastic ending

Matthew B (fr) wrote: A powerful and riveting story... the actress who plays the mother "is" truly crazy.

Kurt R (es) wrote: An absolute mess and disaster, even by low-rent Horror standards. The making of feature on the DVD is immensely more enjoyable than the film itself. I've never seen so much poorly done day-for-night photography. Effects are weak, plot is lame, and acting is horrid. SKIP.

Gregory M (jp) wrote: French cinema is at it again. Two brothers, distant for far too long reunited for a very sad reason. I don't know there were parts about this that I liked and some parts that simply didn't work for me. I could understand the relationship of the brothers and all that kept them separated but this didn't touch me that much, I didn't feel them that much, I couldn't relate to them. Siblings can be harsh sometimes but they are family and that's what we need in our toughest times. That's what this movie is about.

Paresh T (it) wrote: I liked the fact that it was a different kind of Indian movie. Amazing story.

Shayla M (au) wrote: Steve Zahn!!!!!!!!!!

Bloodmarsh K (ag) wrote: Aside from Hugh Grant and Jeff Goldblum - bloody awful.

Angie I (ag) wrote: I was enjoying it until it got too wacky. I loved her relationship with the Prince and his escapade in the sorority house but that whole thing with Paul and the prostitute made no sense. I guess they had to add 30 min to the run time. I've never seen a 65 minute movie.I thought the casting was good and I was glad to see Adrian Paul though I didn't like his Italian accent.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Dead Poets Society is anything but ordinary.