Temnyy mir: Ravnovesie

Temnyy mir: Ravnovesie


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Jeanette H (ru) wrote: That this film is based on actual events makes me think highly of the two actors actually having overcome such a painful illness in their childs and in their own lives. Intimately narrated in this typical French artsy style, yet slightly too long.

Brett Z (it) wrote: Great movie funny jokes it's the 80s and it's awesome

Javan W (es) wrote: Quite good. I was impressed with the young cast and Ricky and Steve prove their versatility once again.

Jess L (it) wrote: Amazing documentary that effectively highlights the Bush administration's lack of response to the disaster at hand. Is at times both inspirational and heartbreaking.

Urmi C (es) wrote: GREAT Scenes AMAZING FILMING!

Diganta B (it) wrote: lol...a real fun ride

Glorimar S (mx) wrote: For old times is good... '? 1/2

Michelle H (au) wrote: This movie sounded so promising, and started out so promising, that as it got worse, I got more disappointed. It didn't seem coherent, it seemed like they made the story up as they went along. Most of the twists were predictable, except for the end which was stupid and cliche. It seemed that the writers were trying to incorporate different popular horror movie story lines into one instead of making one solid story. And it bothered me that one of the deaths was accidental, that they didn't even try to tie it in with the murders. It was pointless.The cast was chosen well to look like the teenage girls all grown up, but I wonder if some of the casting was done based purely on how much they looked the part. In some parts, I don't know if the acting was bad, or if it was just the cheesy cliche lines they were given. Character development was as thrown together as the rest of the storyline.MINOR SPOILER ALERT: But the one thing that bugs me the most is that Joel is supposed to be always behind his video camera, but they never do anything with it. What was the point of putting so much emphasis on the camera, and he didn't even get some evil nun ghost footage? Or did he, and that part was edited out? Perhaps to accommodate the dreadful ending?

Laura D (es) wrote: I wish the music was integrated more. God I wish it was. The cast is great but pieces are spotty and I wanted to cry when Rooney's Hart dies.

Vasco M (kr) wrote: Props for making me laugh yet again so many years later. A bit too heavy on drama in contrast to the brilliant series, but very amusing otherwise.

John E (kr) wrote: An excellent watch. Patriotic and sentimental, especially if you're American or have any sort of affinity for the Army but wow, deep and meaningful, political and military. Denzel Washington does an excellent job of being both brooding and brave, and his performance is the highlight of this film by far. an early role for Matt Damon, who shows some dedication to his role here too, funny to think he is the opposite kind of soldier 10 years later in Greenzone, Meg Ryan as always a treat and this movie has the kinda of depth, righteousness and suspense to keep you engaged throughout. Good film, solid cast.