Temporary Release

Temporary Release

John (played by Erik Clausen) is in prison for petty crime. His son is getting married and he has been granted accompanied leave to attend. The provincial Bo (played by Jesper Asholt) accompanies him.

John (played by Erik Clausen) is in prison for petty crime. His son is getting married and he has been granted accompanied leave to attend. The provincial Bo (played by Jesper Asholt) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily D (au) wrote: This movie is awesome! I hope more Christian movies are produced!

DrStephen T (de) wrote: Compound Fracture is a new independent horror/thriller that is a first time project for Mane Entertainment. This movie is engaging and smart from beginning to end. With a suspensful story that will keep you enthrallled and will grab your attention and not let go on many levels. First time screen play writer Renae Geerlings gets a standing golf clap for her efforts with this creative and well spun ghost tale. There is no substitute for a good story. This talented formed editor and chief at Pro-Con comics branches out into that creative and ever so difficult first time screen play. Renae delivers big with her ability to create merging multiple story lines and a well thought out script that gives haunting performances from a delightful cast of actors. When 3 big name iconic serial killer actors join forces to work in a independent film... there has to be a reason! A great story and script always attracts talent. Renae delivers the story and the actors really deliver with great chemistry and performances. This haunting ghost story delivers with powerful performances from Muse Watson and cast. Surprisingly the performance of Tyler Mane and Derek Mears shows some acting prowess. Who knew these guys could be more than physical actors behind iconic masks. Tyler Mane and Mane Entertainment have demonstrated real staying power in the Horror/Thriller genre with this first time effort. But after seeing this compound mixture of great story, great performances and terrific suspense...we now are left with ...dare I say...wanting to see more and more. I highly recommend that you find an independent theater in your town and catch this great movie. That is what Compound Fracture is ...a great movie. Tyler and Renae have made me and alot of people take notice there is a new titan in the Independent movie business. Consider me a newly devoted fan. Bravo. Dr. S.M. Taylor

Anthony M (jp) wrote: Un bon film, sur le thme l'argent, la peur, la violence ; court et prenant, bien jou. Une belle surprise !

Bret G (br) wrote: While a far cry from Brewer's stirring breakthrough 'Hustle & Flow,' 'Black Snake Moan' delivers as a slow-burning character study refreshingly afraid of neither melodrama nor weirdness. Yes, it's excessive, but therein lies its appeal. Ricci is fearless, Jackson's towering charisma is in full-force, and the rural locale is put to good use. Worth a look if you're in the mood for deliberately paced eccentricity. Rent it.

Jared L (fr) wrote: Solid film, but doesn't even come close to Spielberg at his best..

Anh H (ru) wrote: At least Jared Leto didn't die in this one.

Irene M (ag) wrote: An oldie but goodie. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

Tim S (jp) wrote: I'm not exactly sure what the point of this film was to be honest. I think it was to create a big extravaganza, using a lot of what was popular at the time. Swing Parade of 1946 features mostly lots of songs and, well, that's about it. It has a small plot about a girl getting a job as a singer at a nightclub, but it's mostly just the songs. Even the presence of The Three Stooges can't really help this film. It lacks any sort of entertainment value, outside of people singing. I've got to be honest though and admit that I fell asleep on it, which is unsurprising if you've ever seen it. It's a big snoozefest. Even the fine folks over at Rifftrax couldn't interject some entertainment value into it. Even if you're a Three Stooges fan I think you'll find it pretty boring.

Martin (ca) wrote: Watchable, but not great. The theme is very interesting, but I guess it had a too small budget to really create the sense from the book.