Ten 'til Noon

Ten 'til Noon

Between 11:50 and 12:00 noon, a crime is commited. In the same ten minute period, we follow the lives of the ten people, all connected to this crime. As we see each person's point of view, we are propelled closer and closer to the truth of what exactly happened...and why.

Between 11:50 and 12:00 noon, a crime is commited. In the same ten minute period, we follow the lives of the ten people, all connected to this crime. As we see each person's point of view, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maridia B (fr) wrote: Needs to have more--heart. It has...potential, just needs a swift kick in the hiney for it to be significantly good.

daniel m (gb) wrote: Before the dog days of Flint Michigan 91 folks on average would turn out to see former raunchy rnb singer Will Ferrell play baseketball with Andree 3000 and the rest of Flint Tropics. With a shot at joining at the nba if the team can finish in the top 4 Will trades a washing machine for savy veteran Woody Harrison to coach the team and get the crowd up to 2000. The movie features funny commenting from will arnett and andrew daily (east bound and down)

Orlok W (br) wrote: A Tale of Obsession, Loneliness, Machiavellism & psychological mind-games--Jarring Notes Superbly Performed... Blackmail can't buy you love!!

D M (br) wrote: A very good documentary about biotech food. Not just the possible dangers of the consumption of the food as addressed by Japan and Europe, but also about patent laws on life. Watch this one.

Gabriela N (es) wrote: The 2003 film "Whale Rider" starring Keisha Castle-Hughes in her first film, tells the story of a 12-year-old girl as she dreams and works her way to becoming the chief of her people, a small group of Maori in New Zealand. Despite her grandfather's objections, she can prove herself to not only the tribe but to her grandfather as well, that she is fit to be chief. Though the film does follow traditional coming-of-age conventions, what makes this story different from what we have seen before is the intensity behind Castle-Hughes's performance. The road to chiefdom is not an easy one for Castle-Hughes's character Pai. Her grandfather is the chief of their tribe, and her absentee father is next in line for the title, but he chooses not to take his place. This leaves Pai's grandfather Koro to search among the tribe's teenaged boys for a suitable leader. Pai, though only a girl believes she can be that leader, her grandfather refuses to see that, the main argument against is that she is only just a girl. And while story convention dictates how this narrative should follow, the expected being that the girl can convince her grandfather that she is capable of being chief, the story takes a different route. In one crucial moment of the film, during a school assembly for the town, Pai recites an essay about honor and her love for her grandfather, even saving a seat of honor for her grandfather, but he does not show. This is where the film takes a turn to a more spiritual take on the Maori people. Throughout the movie, we are treated to an inside look at the practices and traditions of the modern Maori people, how the worship and how they live. The processes Koro takes to find a strong leader, as well as how the community rises to take care of each other. It is when Koro does not show up to the school assembly that we that is was not his anger that kept him from hearing and seeing his granddaughter, but something greater than all the people of the tribe. Without spoiling the film's ending, the last act of the movie can demonstrate to the audience that even in a modern world, there is still room for traditions and spirituality to help bring people together in an inspiring and magnificent event.

Jeveyon K (ca) wrote: the best if u saw the first 2 fridays

Wendey D (ca) wrote: I LOVE DAVID DUCHOVNY!!!

Francisca M (br) wrote: I remember watching this movie when I was younger. I always enjoyed the 'wild child' idea even though she really isn't. She's just a little ignorant and developed her version of the english language. I liked watching this movie and I love Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson. The film is a little silly but it is a typical '90s film. Everything worked out in the end.

Robert T (es) wrote: So weird and bizarre but atmospherically confusing. Great because you never quite know what to make of it. Beyond judgement. Cleverly executed so that its a moral tale you wonder about. Fools on Hills or Geniuses on...

Addie A (au) wrote: this movie was fun, but a lot of it didn't make sense...and the main female character was totally named Pussy Galore. I mean, really.....

Joshua M (ru) wrote: A great comedy with good chemistry between the actors. It took me awhile to see this one, but it is another classic I can say that I have seen.

Peter G (au) wrote: Surprisingly effective 80's horror. Good writing, numerous jump scares, and an ending that is not (entirely) embarrassing, a rarity amongst horror.