Tenderness of the Wolves

Tenderness of the Wolves

Story of a gay serial killer who murders young boys so he can serve them as dinner to his circle of fellow cannibals.

Story of a gay serial killer who murders young boys so he can serve them as dinner to his circle of fellow cannibals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tenderness of the Wolves torrent reviews

Oscar P (es) wrote: This a great movie and I love to "revisit" some of the Savannah great sightseeing.

Chelsea M (de) wrote: This movie made Justin Bieber look cool. and it made me wanna punch my dog in the face.. JUST KIDDING..

Marcell A (us) wrote: a all time great a must have

Max G (ru) wrote: A dull, uninteresting film that only gets off at plot twists and Tom Cruises performance in it.5/10 or 2.5 stars

Ian W (es) wrote: I am not sure why it took me so long to see this. Two comedy geniuses at the top of the game. It makes sense seeing as they are hardly ever seen in movies today.

Chris W (au) wrote: Towards the end of his career, Kurosawa began having difficulty securing funding for his increasingly ambitious projects, which led to gaps of several years between them. He ended up getting this particular film made almost entirely because of support from the likes of George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. And, in an ironic twist, as his eyesight began to fail him, Kurosawa's films began to increase in their visual splendor.Set in the 16th Century, this is an epic film centered on a quest for control of Japan between three warlords. The film primarily focuses on one in particular. As he nears death, Shingen Takeda employs the services of a petty thief who looks nearly identical to him to be his double. When Takeda does eventually die, the simple ruse turns into a monumental task for the titular Kagemusha (double/shadow warrior).Unlike some of his other films, this one is less concerned with sweeping battle scenes, and is primarily an intimate character study focusing on themes of identity, what it means to fill a role, etc. It's not as heavy as you might think, but it is definitely very poetic.I liked this, but I didn't get quite as into it as I could have. For one, I didn't have the option to watch this with the commentary (or at least the first 20 minutes), which I had read clears up come early confusion about what is going on, who is who, and contextualizes it all. That could have helped, though I managed to get the gist of it anyway. Also, I unfortunately only got to see the original western release version, which is 20 minutes shorter than the original release, which is also the same as the Criterion cut. Had I gotten to see the longer cut, I think I really could have been swept up in this epic, yet intimate artwork.Despite my gripes, the film is indeed gorgeous to look at. It's what you'd expect from AK, but it still bears repeating how wonderful the cinematography is. The period details are likewise top notch, and can be greatly appreciated, even if one isn't familiar with the historical time period and context the film is set within. In the crucial double role of man and impersonator, Tatsuya Nakadai is quite solid, given a rather subdued, but still gripping turn as a man and, especially, his double. Everyone else is okay, but, seem to be there merely as a backdrop for what is almost totally carried by one actor. The film is long, and admittedly a tad draggy and boring here and there, but overall, it's quite a spectacle. Oddly enough, the battle scenes are mostly off screen and the bulk of what's shown is the aftermath. It's still well done though. Whether you're a die hard or a newbie, you should give this one a look.

Brian K (jp) wrote: bette davis and charles boyer...enough said added with a great performance by barbara o'neil

gary t (fr) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that june duprez, marius goring, conrad veidt, sebastian shaw, valerie hobson play good roles/parts thorughout this movie....i think that the director of this thriller/war/drama/action/adventure movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie....i think that this is a good movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie n its a enjoyable thriller movie 2 watch

Tim S (fr) wrote: Watched this for class. Some interesting imagery.

Sarah F (es) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!