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paul2012 s (mx) wrote: full with double meaning. cheap comedy . not a family film at all

Ed C (au) wrote: One line summary: Gore aplenty, and five actors trapped in a terrible script.----------------- The zombie apocalypse erupts in Pasadena, CA. At least that is where this was filmed. Supposedly it erupts everywhere else as well. With a certain amount of courage, and ten times as much cowardice, some non-zombies try to survive the night. One of the conceits of the film is that the zombies will go inactive come sunrise. The humans proceed with variable success, but mostly failure, to live until sun up. One wonders what will happen the next night. How many will survive?-----Scores------ Cinematography: 8/10 Reasonable for a night picture. Sound: 5/10 OK for the most part, but the anti-relevant sound track did not help. Acting: 3/10 Shirley Jones was OK as an infirm old woman whose wailing caused another death, but her role was short. Anthony Michael Hall, Darryl Hanna, Alan Ruck, and Jennifer Taylor were reasonable; given the script, that is. With a decent script and an experienced director, any of these actors can give a nice performance. In contrast, the other people who were filmed were not recognizable as actors. Screenplay: 0/10 Wall to wall nonsense, and one of the worst zombie films I've ever seen.

Henry F (au) wrote: Saw an advance screening on Monday. This movie is da bomb. Nothing like Paranormal Activity, it's genuinely scary and stays in the mind.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: This movie throws a sweet spotlight on a sour chapter in the history of the Chinese revolution. It's valuable material, and well-portrayed cinematically and thematically. Until Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins show up. Pretend you don't see them, with their fakey-Hollywood heroics (Brody) and abyssmal accents (who is Robbins trying to be? German? Dutch? Walloon? Who can say)? For those of us who love Asian history and Asian cinema, we don't need the nod to Hollywood to sell the story...our B-grade actors only cheapen the opportunity to educate, inform, and inspire.

Charperrin W (ca) wrote: The best in the trilogy in my opinion. Nice story and Van Damme makes a really good villain. Good fun

Anthony T (ag) wrote: A very interesting start, great build for one of those movies that takes place in one small area, but then the last 20 minutes really ruin everything. There really was no ending. Not recommended.

lynne t (au) wrote: Funniest film I've seen in ages, why does no one make comedy's like this anymore? Great cast, some hilarious scenes, this is a must see film for all comedy fans, excellent!

Amanda M (us) wrote: Love this movie! Such an inspiring movie of all ages!

Anders A (it) wrote: Maybe it was Winding Refns breakthrough international, but to me its his most colorless film, nearly stripped from his personal touch. Yet its spiced to death with his favorite ingredience, namely vio-fucking-lence. Hardy is delivering a solid backbone performance, but in all in all, the story is cheaply weak and its overcooked by stupidity.

Kara S (gb) wrote: I liked it. I liked the father and daughter relationship thing.

Hans J E (fr) wrote: the chicks are hot, the rest is not!!

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Kat WIllems should stick to standup.

Frances H (de) wrote: I liked this movie and the way we, the audience, slowly found out what the relationship between these two people had been, and perhaps what it still was. I found both of their characters very appealing and that I wanted to know more about them and what their relationship had been. I felt sorry that they hadn't made it, and even wondered if there was still a chance for them. I wondered what happened to their baby. In show business, the motto is "Leave them wanting more" and this movie definitely did that for me.

Bandido G (au) wrote: I'll find out what you did.Very frightening.I'm looking at you male rabbit monologue.

Samy A (us) wrote: I've slept two times while watching... It gets interesting by the end !

andrew b (gb) wrote: its different but confusing

Youness S (ca) wrote: Best documentary EVER!

Anders J (br) wrote: Siste krampetrekningen for kannibal sjangeren, og det vises godt. Her er et sammensurium av historier og karakterer og hver av dem fungerer minimalt. Filmen er ogs usedvanlig mild p blod og grr for en slik film som dette vre. Trolig det svakeste bidraget til sjangeren, men alt i alt et greit jungel eventyr.

K K (br) wrote: Whenever I read a plot synopsis that says "with a rampaging gorilla on the loose" I get a little too excited.

CJ C (de) wrote: After seeing Jennifer Connelly dead in the first 5 mins I was hopeful, but alas, the movie still failed to be a neo-noir. John Malkovich actually perked up the story & he was dying from cancer lolz.