Tennessee's Partner

Tennessee's Partner

A tough, womanizing high-stakes gambler known only as Tennessee has an uneasy relationship with Duchess, madam of a thinly-disguised bordello, and no other friends at all. But he's saved from murder by a lonesome cowpoke ('My friends call me Cowpoke'), in town to meet his fiancée Goldie on the steamboat. When she arrives, there's a mysterious undercurrent between Goldie and Tennessee, whose newfound friendship with Cowpoke is destined to be severely tried...

A tough, womanizing high-stakes gambler known only as Tennessee has an uneasy relationship with Duchess, madam of a thinly-disguised bordello, and no other friends at all. But he's saved ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aidan C (ru) wrote: What a terrible film! None of the characters are engaging (well their engaged, just not interesting), and the effects have that signature look of any Asylum film.

Daniel D (es) wrote: Fun sci-fi flick. In my opinion, one of the best Arnold films.

Dailiesel M (fr) wrote: is so slow movie to star to the end is good so is ok make more action to slow

Deven P (fr) wrote: The Asylum once again proves to be the sloppiest movie "studio", and even though this junk is slightly better than the others, Moby Dick may be one of the worst films of all-time!

Roxy C (ru) wrote: If you've never read the book it might be... okay... just. But as a book adaptation it is abysmal. None of the characters look anything like they come across in the books - especially Dimitri. The tension and heat between him and Rose is lacking. And the story itself... its like they smashed together all 6 books and pooped out a poor substitute that doesn't even resemble the original story. Not to mention the fact that at least one of my favourite characters from the series was missing altogether. Ugh. If you are going to go so far away from what the books were, just name it something else and don't pretend that its adapted from the series at all. I could not recognise any of the elements that made the book series so fantastic. Utterly disappointing.

Alexis B (au) wrote: Pas le genre de films qu'il faut regarder pour se remonter le moral..Pour les personnes (et en particuliers les hommes) approchant la trentaine l'heure est venue d'assumer les responsabilits et non de fuir ! Tout comme dans Vincere, Giovanna MEZZOGIORNO m'a fais trs forte impression en femme compltement dlaisse par le pre de son enfant...Un trs beau film comme les italiens savent si bien le faire.

Jim M (au) wrote: Average revenge thriller wit above average performances from Jeremy Irons and Forest Whitaker, and a good supporting cast. Irons is a magazine editor who watches as his wife and daughters are gun downed by Serbian terrorists, when the killers get off scot free he takes matters into his own hands... nothing we haven't seen before, but still a good time killer, even if the title has nothing to do with the story.

james john s (ca) wrote: This is kind of a odd movie. But if you want to see tons of bare ass shots of Ryan ! this is the movie to have!

Allan C (ru) wrote: JCVD plays twins in this silly buddy action film. I was going to knock this film as being a rip-off of Jackie Chan's twin action comedy film, "Twin Dragon," about two twins are separated at birth, one becoming a streetwise mechanic and the other an acclaimed classical concert conductor, and when the two meet up as adults, mix-ups, comedy, and action ensure. However, this film actually came out one year before Chan's film, so I can't knock it for that. What I can knock this film about two different twins separate at birth (one a criminal and one a yoga instructor) is a pretty silly story that too often tries to take itself seriously. And JCVD's tough brother is just ridiculous with his slicked back hair and constant cigar chomping. However, the action is decent and you do get Bolo Yeung as the main villain.

Daniel P (de) wrote: This rating might even be too generous.

Criss T (mx) wrote: I remember it from long ago I was a little girl when I watched it at a drive in movie I really didn't understand what was going on in this film It's time I watch it again

John C (jp) wrote: Had no idea it was a comedy until I saw it today.

John R (kr) wrote: When they were young. .

Steve W (mx) wrote: Strange and weird, Alphaville is Jean-Luc Godard's homage to 1984 and science fiction pulp. Its about an American agent who has to travel through space and time and ends up in Alphaville, which looks a lot like 1960's France. The movie is slow, sometimes brilliant, but more all over the place and experimental. Alpha 60's throaty voiceover was also very annoying. I don't consider this one of Godard's better films.

Brendan R (mx) wrote: The movie is a little long and drags at moments, but otherwise it is very enjoyable. I thought the filmmakers did well at choosing moments to use montages vs. when to let the story tell itself.

Ana V (au) wrote: Hermosa fotografa. Andersson es increble. Sombra como el golpe de la realidad.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Worse movie ever..couldn't even finish it..

Leong C (us) wrote: Kinda heavy biopic of a painter I'm not able to appreciate

Kris W (fr) wrote: "This film is about madness. And sanity. Fantasy. And reality. Death. And life. Vice. And versa." "See them all in a film about fantasy. And reality. Vice. And versa." 70's cult classic, featuring Micj Jagger in his 1st movie role, opposite the then big British star James Fox. Part gangster movie, part rock & roll Bohemia, it's very trippy and purposely hard to follow and digest. Th excellent soundtrack features an original song sung by Jagger intercut with the movie, making it very influential to the way MTV videos were shot. The co-director is Nicholas Roege, who would go on to work in other challenging films with big time musicians, including David Bowie (The Man Who Fell To Earth) and Art Garfunkel (Bad Timing). Turner: The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness. Am I right? Eh? Chas: I need a bohemian atmosphere! [Chas flicks his cigarette ash onto a rug] Turner: That rug's over two hundred years old. Chas: Yeah, it looks it. Turner: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. [on the intercom outside as Chas rings the front door] Pherber: "Leave a message after the beep. Beep, beep, BEEP! Chas: [to Mick Jagger] You're a comical little geezer. You'll look funny when you're fifty. Chas: America's a blinding place for nightlife. Pherber: I don't recognize your voice. Chas: Well, I've been away, haven't I? Pherber: And I don't recognize your face. Chas: You should see my motor. Pherber: [looks at Chas quizzically] Chas: My motor. Had an argument with a cement wall on the way over. Goodbye the Ferrari. Chas: I am a bullet. Pherber: [to Chas, about Turner] He wants to know why your show is a bigger turn-on than his ever was. Turner: [reading from a book] "The old man was called, in the language of Persia, Hassani Saba, and his people were called the Hashishi. He had caused a valley between two mountains to be enclosed, and turned into a garden, so large and beautiful his people believed it was Paradise. And there was a fortress at the entrance, strong enough to resist all the world. Now the old man caused those of his young men whom he had chosen to be his Hashishi, his assassins, to be given a potion which cast them into a deep sleep, and to be carried into the garden, so that when they awoke, they believed they were in Paradise. And there were damsels and young girls there, who dallied with them to their hearts' content, so that they had what young men desire. Thus it was that when the old man decided to send one of his assassins upon a mission, such as to have a prince slain, he would send for one of these youths and say, 'Go thou and kill, and when thou returnest, my angels will bear thee into Paradise; and should'st thou die, nevertheless, I will send my angels to carry thee back into Paradise.'" [pause] Turner: They enjoyed their work... Pherber: We've got to go much further... out. Turner: No. We've got to go further back - and faster.

Missy A (mx) wrote: Good movie and my cousin has a small part in it.