A college professor competes for tenure with a hot-shot female colleague.

A college professor competes for tenure with a hot-shot female colleague. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tenure torrent reviews

Countess N (gb) wrote: 11th April 2011Very crap cheesy and everything about it is shockingly bad BUT i was so in the mood for this kind of movie so enjoyed it.

Larry C (nl) wrote: This movie has 2 good actresses. Joaquin Phoenix ruins it with his horrible disgusting, dark, creepy awful person.

Andr D (ag) wrote: Una pelcula ligera y delicada acerca de una chef neurtica (la terea Martina Gedeck) que debe asumir la crianza de su sobrina y compartir su cocina con un relajado chef italiano. La directora Sandra Nettelbeck sabe contar la historia sin empalagar manteniendo el balance entre drama, comedia y corazn.

Matt M (us) wrote: This film was a huge part of my childhood both in the sense of baseball but also being a kid growing up in an adult's world. Having recently watched it again some 10 years later at 22, it's just as enjoyable but in a new way: Some of the jokes I didn't get as a kid I did now, and Director Daniel Stern really knows how to make his actors work with what they have and find something. And then there's the fact he's just hilarious as Brickman. All of the quotable lines he, and the kid who played George have essentially. Plus, John Candy. Simply put.

Alice (ru) wrote: To protect, to serve... and make you laugh. America's funniest crimebusters are back!

Sean C (ca) wrote: Well the title sucks, but the movie turned out to be good. Why is Brando always pulling up his pants or adjusting his belt in this? What's going on with his hair? Oh well, Brando's really good in this as is Rita Moreno. Jess Hahn kind of sucks, though. It's from a time when the French New Wave of the 1960s was beginning to influence the movies Americans made in the 1970s, which are some of the best ones ever made.

Scott R (fr) wrote: An enjoyable romantic drama that also contemplates the worth of a life in comparison to happiness.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Always good to see Fred's darker side. And Novak's youthfull....Basically this is a tale of two couples as they meet and begin a relationship - set amid a police investigation of a brutal crime. Simple sets, a good script, solid performances and superior editing make this a flick worth catching.

Harold E (fr) wrote: The most fantastic war movie I have ever seen. Especially how the stuntmen pulled off some of the most interesting falls that were ever so scary.

Logan B (kr) wrote: you just got knocked the fuck out beoch!!!!!!!

David L (de) wrote: Even though some shorts are boring and it feels like a package film, the Reluctant Dragon is a great documentary that features fascinating behind the scenes look of Disney animators of the time and the stages of production of classic films like Dumbo and Bambi are magnificent and very interesting to look at.