The Mexican guerilla leader Tepepa and his gang fight against the chief of police, Cascorro.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   revenge,   mexican,  

The Mexican guerilla leader Tepepa and his gang fight against the chief of police, Cascorro. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cli o (ru) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Fabio G (gb) wrote: Tendu, athmosphere qui derange, noir, histoire bien menee, excellent acteur principal. Franchement bon.

Jonas E (au) wrote: One of the best martial arts movie out there, watch it! I can't remember how many times i have rewatched the fights in this one.

Sarah C (ca) wrote: Altogether weird movie...but I'd watch it again.

Angel M (ru) wrote: in your face and real

manuel o (ca) wrote: Dissapointed... That's how you are going to feel about this movie. The plot was heading the right way, a hitman hiring young naive ladies to kill his targets and then he kills the lady and disposes the weapon. You think, cool. But then the screenplay ruins the plot by making the professional hitman fall in love with one of her latest victims... stupid. Too many unnecessary flashbacks in the movie, Melora Walters is awful in this movie (acting like an innocent school girl with the hitman Banks and like a tough serious woman as an FBI agent who is undercover) Both which are unbelievable because Walters is too old and too bland for this role to be cute and innocent and since she's not even a good actress she can't play the role of a serious FBI agent. This movie is awful. The only thing that can save this movie and makes it watchable is Kiefer Sutherland's performance which is always great. But of course that is not enough to block out the other actors/actresses's performances and the whole movie for that matter which make the film bleak.

Alec B (jp) wrote: Much like, "Rampage", Friedkin's direction and the script outrageously stack the deck in favor of a troubling argument. It's not that I believe he shouldn't have his opinion, it's that the film never for one second allows the alternative point of view any ground to stand on.

Bobby D (es) wrote: I think this is really one of the better Ken Burns docs. Really captures the essence of the man and the times he lived in. Made me want to build something after watching it. That and get a steak in AZ.

Kerby H (ca) wrote: The plot of the film isn't super strong, but the movie as a whole is incredibly intense. Nick Nolte gets progressively more and more deranged, and he absolutely kills it alongside James Coburn. The two play off of each other really well, and the madness that ensues is perfectly executed.

Rikke J (fr) wrote: Min ultimative ynglingsfilm! En prst der krer 2cv og hrer ABBA, en by der bliver chokeret og to gamle mnd man bare ikke kan lade vre med at elske! Fantastiksk film og fantiske skuespilprstationer!

Alison C (jp) wrote: Not nearly as good as Koyaanisqatsi. While the first is hypnotic, this one wasn't nearly as engaging for me. Actually it was a bit boring for me and much more heavy handed to the point that is was a bit off-putting. Though I do respect what it's trying to do. It got me thinking about the pros and cons of industrialization and the people that it displaces. Which is more or less the point. It did make me a bit giddy to know the origin of that song from The Truman Show. But they used it almost every other song in this, and that was a bit much for me.

ken j (ru) wrote: After Kathy's classmates play a prank on her which sends her into a coma poor Kathy has only one way to get back at them and thats with her mind she assumes control over the body of the new girl in school Eva and exacts her revenge and starts killing off the students one by one. One of Fulci's more weirder movies is a italian take on the movie carrie except for the girl being in a coma really worth checking out for anyone thats a fan of Fucli's work or just italian horror in general as this does have the goods to keep people interested.

Sandro Z (nl) wrote: Plain, full of clichs, slow, boring, bad choreographies, just another bad boxing movie.

Rebekah W (br) wrote: The sets were AMAZING! The vividness of the moon and the creepy moon creatures were incredible.