Teresa: Crucificada por amar

Teresa: Crucificada por amar

Film about Teresa Wilms Montt's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocelyn L (ru) wrote: A cute and perky film. At first, I was a disappointed at the sexualization of Rose at first, but Rose grows with the cinematography. It might just be the way they wanted it to be.

Dwayne R (fr) wrote: An important documentary. You will not be unaffected.

Matt W (kr) wrote: This had all the elements for a truly great wartime noir film; the set design and cinematography really evoke an intriguing jazzy underworld of Shanghai mobsters, American spies and Japanese soldiers in the days leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbour. Unfortunately the excellent cast are left squandering around in a rather dull mystery plot that fails to capture your attention or gain any momentum.

Dann M (br) wrote: From writer/director Peter Berg comes the political thriller The Kingdom. When there's a major terrorist bombing at an American base in Saudi Arabia the FBI sends in a team to investigate, but the politics of the situation threatens to erupt in more violence. Starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman, the film has a strong cast that delivers some good performances. And, Berg's directing does an extraordinary job at bringing tension and excitement to the scenes. The script is also well-crafted; presenting some provocative questions about terrorism, the cycle of violence, and cultural relativism. Though the politics may get a little heavy at times, The Kingdom is smart and action packed.

Kaitlyn B (nl) wrote: A very odd, twisted movie, but amazing nonetheless.

Tomas H (kr) wrote: It's next to impossible to find, but must be found by all cinephiles. Rocket Video in Hollywood has a free rental copy that is glitchy, but available. An absolute must-see for lovers of Los Angeles and the movies alike.

Beln A (ag) wrote: This is an interesting and well-made documentary that tracks the evolution of "The Weather Underground", a late 60s and early 70s USA radical movement that used violent means in order to fight against a government its members didn t believe in. According to some, their struggle was "like a children's crusade gone mad". I completely agree, but I think that the strongest point of this documentary is the way in which it highlights the reasons why an student living in that period might have felt attracted to the kind of distorted political activism that "The Weather Underground" proposed. In that sense, this film includes not only footage from that epoch, providing a good historical context, but also more recent interviews with former members of this movement, that give their retrospective opinions on what happened. A few would do exactly the same thing again, while others regret their deeds, saying that their intentions were good but their means weren t. One of them sums things up in what I think should be the tagline of this documentary: "When you feel you have right on your side, you can do some horrific things". Highly recommended....

Zachary B (it) wrote: A tale of the most famous comedian ever struggling right down there with the bar hooping comedians living off what gigs they can get. A real in-depth dissection of a way of life that looks like Hollywood from the outside but resembles much more of a podunk landscape the more we get to know the weaknesses of Jerry.

Rose A (es) wrote: Christian Bale's Character Comes To An Interesting realization In the end.You Will Have to Figure It out Yourself Though .

Bob h (ca) wrote: An interesting, if flawed adventure/fantasy set in the post-apocalyptic future. Featuring half naked fairies, Nazi propaganda and psychedelic scenes this movie is an interesting watch, but jumps around more than a frog on cocaine. Worth a watch, but be prepared for something that is extremely weird.

David S (mx) wrote: A quintessential women in prison movie with no references to Wackenhut.

Emanuel P (jp) wrote: Follows the same exorcism storyline as all the rest without any different outcome...

Frances H (us) wrote: Not a bad indie rom com.