A witch's prophecy - while being burned at the stake- curse condemns a family to horrible deaths.

Royal ancestors feel the wrath of the curse of the condemned witch Mad Dolly, who spews forth her prophecy while she is burned at the stake. The victims suffer death by having their heads ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Terror torrent reviews

Aseel S (br) wrote: Good movie! You will like it even more when you watch part 2 & 3 to understand the whole story!

The Critic (ag) wrote: A cute and quirky love story that is more involving than you'd expect from a film without dialogue and who's protagonist is an umbrella.

Sharmelle O (nl) wrote: This is a wonderful movie. I need to see it again in order to give a better review lol.

Conqueror K (ag) wrote: I really cant help myself, I just love Winnie the Pooh!

Matthew O (au) wrote: Swamp Thing is an interesting little movie, the fact it's probably the most romantic movie with a rubber suit monster fight should tell you that. This is a movie that is campy, but with the right amount of charm to keep it an enjoyable experience. The characters are over the top, there's plenty of odd scenes. and the overall plot is a strange blend of action, horror, romance, and comedy, but in the stew there's that secret ingredient that makes it all come together, that being the heart Wes Craven put into it. There's lots of enjoyable moments here, including the villain who was kind enough to invite the woman his organization kidnapped to a fancy dinner party, Swamp Thing throwing thugs of boats straight into the air, and the entire character of Jude (Who can't love his less than shocked response to seeing Swamp Thing for the first time?). In the end, Swamp Thing is a fun movie with just the right amount of cheese and love to create something that is crucial to any monster marathon that's in need for some good-natured beasts.

Tapper P (de) wrote: Tyly loppu. Pianonpimputus alkoi vituttaa...

Gary S (es) wrote: Quite a good thriller. Would he or would he not get away with it. Funny the way that lower class people were portrayed in a stereotypical way.

Darren P (it) wrote: A very enjoyable caper.

Chelsea M (mx) wrote: Only want to see it because Bing's in it

Marky L (it) wrote: 1.5/5 "hopeless emptiness"

Brenden K (us) wrote: I think this movie is great, due to how unique it is from the other superhero movies. It shows that superheroes can be people too, and not everyone is comfortable with the celebrity lifestyle. Most superhero movies tons of action and crime-fighting scenes in the middle, so I understand why people may not enjoy this adaptation. There are some overly quirky moments and some of CG effects have dated badly (Though the make-up effects are amazing!). Despite being cheesy, I think Fantastic Four is underrated and, is sort-of a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre.