Terror by Night

Terror by Night

Holmes is hired by Roland Carstairs to prevent the theft of the Star of Rhodesia, an enormous diamond owned by Carstairs' mother, Lady Margaret. Believing the diamond will be stolen on a train trip from London to Edinburgh, Holmes deftly switches diamonds with Lady Margaret while in her compartment. Soon after, Roland is murdered and the fake diamond is stolen.

When the fabled Star of Rhodesia diamond is stolen on a London to Edinburgh train and the son of its owner is murdered, Sherlock Holmes must discover which of his suspicious fellow passengers is responsible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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owen b (ru) wrote: while it has it's moments, this film is riddled with flaws. for one, if lockdown is such a badass then why does he have his goons helping him all the time. also hound couldn't keep his mouth shut and would make a comment on something constantly. the dialogue is not good and is just dumb, but it's supposed to be that way. age of extinction has great action sequences and a great soundtrack and that's are the only two highlights.Owens grade: C-

Emmanuelle F (kr) wrote: voir et revoir n'iimporte quand!!!

Carl S (es) wrote: I thought this was a delightful little (excuse the pun) movie. It has no great message that I detected. It is simply the story of two young men from the city who are sent to the mountains for re-education during the Mao era and of their interactions with the people, including the Little Chinese Seamstress.

mit (br) wrote: Iam lovely Beautiful to the eye, the ear and the heart.

Sophie W (kr) wrote: Truffaut, toujours aussi litteraire, filme l'amour d'un homme pour les femmes, LA femme.

Rosario G (nl) wrote: Dark and mysterious, lyrical and luscious with undertones of repressed sexuality that bring subtlety to a much higher level. Hallucinatory scenes blur the line between dream and reality. This mystical moving picture provides more questions than answers and may leave some viewers frustrated but equally fascinated.

James C (ag) wrote: Perhaps Pasolini's most complex and difficult film, a two-strand tale about firstly the son of a wealthy industrialist who likes having sex with pigs, and secondly a medieval cannibal whose motto is "I killed my father, I ate human flesh, and I quiver with joy." At first, the two tales appear to have little relation with one another, other than a shared focus on extremely transgressive desires. But on closer inspection, the cannibal seems to be the dream Id of the son of the bourgeoisie, and the mythic tale operates as the subconscious of the contemporary one. The style of the film is very cryptic and deliberately unapproachable but there is method in Pasolini's madness. The industrialist and his rival are comic figures of monstrous proportion, and seem to represent the old-style Capitalism, with its factories blotting the landscape of Western cities, and the new Capitalism, whose factories are out-of-site in some third world clime. The second capitalism is equated with Nazi-ism, and an uneasy truce is reached between the two faces of Capitol. It is in that truce that Pasolini seems to be suggesting that those of us in Western societies live our consumer lives. Probably his second bleakest film, after of course Salo.

Sweetie C (us) wrote: It is a very good movie I do like this one LOVE RENEE

Alain G (us) wrote: Found Footage Film, maar niet zo heel goed, heb er al betere gezien. Je ziet het allemaal goed aankomen, dus zeker geen suprise... het enige dat ff nadenken was was de laatste 5 seconden van de film, daar denk je dan zo iets van, getvrrrr.... niet verwacht :-)

Ian C (ru) wrote: Probablement le film le plus cheesy de l'histoire des Van Damme !

Tom G (jp) wrote: Absolutely dreadful. Ridiculous premise. Embarrassing acting. Middle School special effects. Sadly it's not one of those cases where it's so bad it's fun either.