Terror in the Aisles

Terror in the Aisles

A compilation of trailers and scenes from crime, horror and sci-fi films.

A compilation of trailers and scenes from science fiction, crime drama and horror films of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Terror in the Aisles torrent reviews

Belal S (kr) wrote: The Lebanese always make movies in a great way, the angle of the camera the eye of the director pretty close to French movies but with Arabian sensation ...

Viola W (jp) wrote: Good movie. A must see!

Vessela D (ru) wrote: It's not anything special, but still it's a sweet and heart-warming movie...:)

Michael E (gb) wrote: esperaba mas.....tipica historia de donde esta wally? pero bien rodada, apoyo a las coproducciones....!!

sennur e (it) wrote: zingarina is a chaotic character.her daydream scene was wonderful.gypsy songs in film was too funny.

Scott C (gb) wrote: What a strange film!

Anders A (ru) wrote: Futuristic anime, with all the action ingredients aswell as it is cleaver and daring entertaining. A soundtrack unbelievable fitting, and a overall atmospheric willingness to push boundaries into technology and perfection of the elitist self. Needless to say the thrill of the sheer ever expanding fantasy-mind behind this creature is profound godlike and unshattering.

Eduardo C (de) wrote: A group of naked girls and a good cast of supporting actors. And the evil toons? Well, just one and just for some seconds. Anyway, fun silly movie.

Ricky T (it) wrote: Not an easy movie to watch, especially with the violence and very dark tone of the movie. The world is so bleak with no redemption in this movie.However, Tsui Hark's deconstruction of 'Jiang Hu' is amazing!Actionwise, the final fight scene is awesome!!!!

Daniel C (ru) wrote: Sirk is cinematic cake. So bad for you, but so goddamn delicious.

Jesse Z (kr) wrote: 1/2 * out of 4 stars