Terror Tract

Terror Tract

A real estate agent terrifies a couple with the grim fates of the previous owners of a house they're looking at.

A real estate agent terrifies a couple with the grim fates of the previous owners of a house they're looking at. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Very clever movie. Great sci fi.

Jordan P (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first, but still enjoyable.

Derek J (ca) wrote: exciting wire-fu balanced with introspective vampire parts! co-web's luxia proves she's more than just a fighter while chrissie chau is more than the premiere sexiest lang mo, as both make the best of a simple script acting their finest!

Matt S (de) wrote: phenomenal experience

ciara o (fr) wrote: i do like terrible horror films and i definately have a soft spot for this one although for a change i was routing for the victims instead of the southern evil dead canibals

Matthew T (mx) wrote: This film is truly a masterpiece, lot of people would mock the shabby patch work quality of the film, but for me that is part of the appeal, the mutant monsters were unexpected and quite enjoyable, the female lead, is hot, and gets her tits out, which is awesome. so if you like incest, people with not legs that dig holes and eat children, Haemoglobin is for you!

ChadPoop G (jp) wrote: Here is a film I wish I saw in a movie theatre!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!

Clay B (ca) wrote: ATTACK ON THE IRON COAST (1968)

David A (fr) wrote: Good fun - a horror film if you are under ten but a few jump out you seat moments some rather good humorous moments. Kind of "Francesco, giullare di Dio" meets Hammer.

Chris K (gb) wrote: This film is a great example of the virtues of the classic film. It is a unique experience and two hours well spent. People don't know what good story is like anymore. Hollywood has forgot how to write them and audiences are used to doing without them. This film will show you what you're missing. The whole thing is a brilliant experience. The Powell/Loy team has never been beat.

Stephen W (gb) wrote: Truely the worst film I have sat through. Plenty of people walked out during the film. I wish we had. Complete waste of our time.

Rameshwar I (us) wrote: What does the title Fracture refer to? State of its script? If not for the A-list names it is a perfect B-movie with a contrived plot and corny dialogues which one would see in any cheap paperback novel. Especially Anthony Hopkins performance and his dialogues were quite inconsistent. Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) is an entrepreneur of an aeronautics company married to beautiful Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) who is having an affair with a Lieutenant of the police department Rob Nunnaly (Billy Burke) who doesn't know anything about the secretive Jennifer. When Ted finds out about this, he hatches a plan and kills his wife, confesses to the negotiator at the time Nunally. Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) is a successful deputy in the state prosecutor's office is in process moving into a prestigious private legal firm gives into an obligation to take up this one last case which is anything but solved. With Willy hardly concentrating on the case Ted puts on a game that turns the trial upside down putting Beachum's career in jeopardy. Though the performances were inconsistent individually, the dual of the lead characters ups the game occasionally. Marketed as a courtroom thriller, the movie lacks enough twists and relies on one puzzle which takes too long to arrive and ends up being contrived and dumb. What helps the screenplay is the side plot about Beachum's recruitment to a private firm which helps up the stakes and induces some pace which otherwise is a slow burner with lots of mindless fillers. Lacks enough twists, wit and ambition.

Jack M (de) wrote: Surprisingly charming, brilliantly dark and very funny. The dialogue is wonderfully written and Farrell plays his part superbly. A film that is becoming a real cult classic. Well worth a watch.