A family's new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet, and soon it becomes the passageway to an alien world.

A family's new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet, and soon it becomes the passageway to an alien world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin P (mx) wrote: A pivotal role for KST buy she's only in the first half of the film. A good story of corporate comeuppance, if a little convoluted in the original French version here but the story is about to get the Brian De Palma treatment for the Hollywood remake. Bizarre soundtrack at times, especially notable during the murder scene. Strong performance from the younger lead French actress who I hope to see move of in the future.

Sean D (ca) wrote: Great film! Very unexpected! Can't wait for the sequel!

Sixx S (gb) wrote: 1 Star for Bill... ahh he must of really needed the $ to make this cheesy horror film...

Tim M (ag) wrote: The mundane directing is made all the more pedestrian when compared to the fantastic costumes and atmosphere. Instead of epic battles full of whip pans, double shots, slow mo and extreme close-ups there are homages to Power Rangers with generic and boring Devil May Cry-esque "rock". Despite it's deficits the premise, settings and final act make it a flick that should not be missed by samurai fans.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Kiarostami blurs once again the line that separates reality and fiction, this time even making a reference to one of his previous films to offer us a delicate, compelling look at how people can move on with their lives and even help each other in the face of a terrible real tragedy.

Daniel K (au) wrote: Wow, I was expecting this kind of opening; that??s some nice modeling and stop motion. It??s always fun to watch films (really only in name in this case) about places and people you are personally familiar with. The best film experience of my life was at the Ziegfeld in Manhattan a few years back: a bright and crisp print of Lawrence of Arabia. It was spectacular, as were all the other films I saw there. Crystal chandeliers, a long-winding staircase, velvet, and a gigantic screen are all included. This film is a bit cobbled-together, but some of the cobbles definitely sparkle and that??s kind of the point of the format. Cyd Charisse is angelic; ridiculously beautiful. The incredible production values brought to bear by the Hollywood studio system are shown here in much of their splendor. The costumes, set designs, underwater tanks, real horses, and even artificial horses are all wonderful. It??s pretty ridiculous that Esther Williams is able to keep a smile on her face the entire time she??s underwater and make everything look easy and graceful. The problem is there are quite a number of sequences I didn??t particularly care for, including most of the comedic sequences. Astaire??s second and third numbers were good, but it would obviously work a lot better with Rogers or Charisse. It was interesting to see Kelly and Astaire together, although neither is really showing their best stuff as their particular styles obviously don??t quite mesh perfectly. One wouldn??t be missing much if they saw the first few and the last couple numbers and cut out everything in between.

Tim G (jp) wrote: I very much liked kindergarten cop Arnold schwarzneggers performance of a undercover cop who must pose as a kindergarten teacher is hysterical their are two scenes I like in the movie one when schwarzeneggers character hits the father who is abusing one of his students and when the principal potrayedby linda hunt introduces scwarzeneggers character at a school fair saying that he is a wonderful asset to the school

Nick B (ag) wrote: It's unfortunate I can only give this one half star but it is fitting that I can give it a half of a star because the concept is really an awesome thought for a scary movie but the director, the writer and probably the entire cast just should not have done this movie. Mainly because I think if someone with talent wrote the film and a good director would have made this and it's ending included far better. I'd skip this unless you want the feeling that you just wasted time in your life you'll never get back. And since I'm sure the entire crew regrets wasting their time on this, you shouldn't add to their misery. The Houses October Built were obviously built on sand, because this movie sunk. (I'm done now)