In the summer of 2009, Charlie Ruez made a documentary. 6 months later the footage was seized for evidence by the Metropolitan Police Department. In 2010, the footage was released.

In the summer of 2009, Charlie Ruez made a documentary. 6 months later the footage was seized for evidence by the Metropolitan Police Department. In 2010, the footage was released. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Terry torrent reviews

Mike C (mx) wrote: I can appreciate a good indie film. Not entirely sure this one qualifies. The lead is either just annoying or a pretty interesting character. In the end, I thought it was more an observational story about relationships than anything. Nothing really to be learned other than gaining a glimpse into behavior.That's the strength of the movie - that it rings true. Things get complicated, people are less than honest, etc. No one is terribly bad, those things just happen. But in a movie with a slow, uninvolving story and nothing real eye-catching in how the movie is made, I guess my rating is a testament of how accurate I thought the writing to be.

Kenny V (kr) wrote: "Liberal Arts" is an enjoyable, cleverly written film that should strike a note with college students current and former. The witty writing and earnest cast make its few pretentious missteps easy to brush off affectionately.

WooYun C (de) wrote: Stop judging and start laughing when you watch this kind of harmless parody comedy. Rowan Atkinson's recent films are underestimated.

Greg W (ag) wrote: reminded me of 1931 WB's 'Night Nurse"

Josh H (fr) wrote: The execution and presentation comes in poorly and what's really bad is that despite the animated style this one is not set in the Superman Animated Series Universe. And Lex Luthor is more of a Gene Hackman Luthor then this Luthor was suppose to be in the animated series.

Brian N (kr) wrote: Not a great film, from the reviews I thought I was getting something better. Not the worst thing I have seen, but definitely not something to make an effort to see. The story is a bit chaotic and generic, very similar to "Groove" in a lot of ways but even cheesier. Not much more I can say about it.

Brent J (mx) wrote: Great movie...liked it better than snatch

Anh H (it) wrote: I love Dakota Fanning and Sean Penn. But gosh.. this movie seems like it never ends.

Jonny P (it) wrote: "Rising Sun" is a decent crime film. The only reason that anybody would really seek this film out is if they are a fan of Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery, but it is good enough to hold your interest for two hours. The content of the film is definitely geared toward adults. The crime revolves around a murder that occurs in the middle of a sexual act, which resulted in a graphic portrayal of the act and then a consistent revisiting of the scene throughout the film. It definitely could have been done in a more tasteful, family-friendly manner but since I haven't read the book, I can't judge whether Michael Crichton's original source material necessitated it. I definitely prefer his stories about dinosaurs to this one. Connery and Snipes offer average performances compared to their typical output and establish an interesting buddy-cop-but-not-buddies chemistry. This is a great example of using a diverse cast to bring the characters to life. The white-washing of Hollywood films is always a hot topic but this film proves two things: 1. Using actors of the proper ethnicity for their character helps to create realism. 2. When you properly use actors of ethnicity, you do not have to parade it around as a victory against racism. This film was properly cast and it isn't necessary to turn it into a political statement. "Rising Sun" won't leave you feeling like you wasted your time but there are hundreds of better crime films that I would recommend before prioritizing this one.

wild willie n (br) wrote: Ahhhhhhhhh KINJITE!!! Ahhhhhhhh BRONSON!!! When i first saw this movie many many years ago, i rented it for 2 main reasons. 1 - NICOLE EGGERT!! And 2 - well because of BRONSON!!! Full review to come....

Michael T (nl) wrote: A major serving from the cheese plate as could only be served by Roger Corman's New World pictures. Wanting to tap into the lucrative market for "Space Opera" Sci-Fi ala Star Wars, Corman came up with one of his high concept ideas. Transport The Magnificent Seven (or maybe The Seven Samurai) into outer space. Richard Thomas (of TV's The Waltons) is the denizen of a peaceful agrian planet menaced by and evil scenary-chewing galactic warlord played by John Saxon (hey, at least John wasn't playing a police detective in a low-budget horror flick). In due course, seven mercenaries are hired to defend the planet from Saxon and his crew. The mercenaries include Robert Vaughn (in case you hadn't figured out the connection to The Magnificent Seven yet), George Peppard (playing an actual space cowboy), and statuesque Sybil Danning as an amazon warrior. Along the way, Thomas gets to romance Darlene Fluegel. The film is probably better known for being a springboard for the careers of scriptwriter John Sturges and art director James Cameron (yes, that James Cameron...). This was one of Corman's most profitable films of the 1980s, and it didn't cost him very much to make. It is fun though, but your film school class will still expect you to see Kurosowa's original (The Seven Samurai) or Sturges' remake (The Magnificent Seven).

Sarah H (ca) wrote: Tennessee Williams, Robert Redford and Natalie Wood . Mix that up with the sultry south and some depression era drama and they make a classic.

Brittany L (es) wrote: GASP! I WANT GREEN HAIR

Paul D (mx) wrote: It certainly does its bit for the war effort, although it is rather a too upbeat bunch of soldiers at times. The reporter diary voice over goes a long way to add a sense of realism.

Colby H (jp) wrote: When Casino Royale was released back in 2006, people hated the idea of Daniel Craig portraying the iconic James Bond character. People were nervous that he would destroy the franchise with blond hair and blue eyes, but everyone's hatred of the idea came to a sudden end once the film was released, and it turned out to be the one of the best Bond films ever. In Casino Royale, a terrorist organization is relying on a man with the name Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) to win at a high-skates poker game to retrieve the money. James Bond (Daniel Craig) is assigned to play in the game as well to prevent Le Chiffre from getting the money. Casino Royale is my favorite James Bond film. It did everything right, it had no problems at all, it was perfect. This movie did what a 007 film is supposed to do, it showed the dark side of the character, along with a reasonable amount of suspense. Most of the movie revolves around the actual poker game. The film also brings in one of the best Bond girls in the franchise, named Vesper Lynd (Eva green) who helps 007 with his assignment. This film highly resembles the Mission Impossible films, it features the same style of film. It is a very well written movie that doesn't fail to show the version of the character straight from his origins. It also revived the franchise after previous, 'less than stellar entries'.Over all, if you are a fan of the James Bond movies, I would highly recommend it to you. It was perfect. 5/5 stars

Dale R (au) wrote: Right, well much of it was a very uncomfortable watch, especially when you've spent as many hours on mental health wards as I have ; but I can't give it more than 7/10 because it was so unnecessarily slow and flabby, and without any real purpose. Some good performances, and it was fun spotting people who have become much more famous since. Not worth a second watch.

Jenna I (es) wrote: This movie was too silly for me, it never creeped me out. Maybe because I have a vagina.