Tesna koza 3

Tesna koza 3

Dimitrije Pantic loses his suitcase with business projects in an overcrowded bus, only to find a similar one - yet full of foreign currencies. This money turns his life upside down, but it also influences other people's ambitions.

At 56 years of age Mita Pantić (Nikola Simić) is still only a junior clerk in his company. Another typical workday for him is starting at 6 a.m. as frustration awaits at every turn from the moment he gets up. Trying to get ready to go to work, he can barely get a turn to use the bathroom in the crowded apartment. Other members of the household are not without their frustrations either, meaning that nagging and shouting are a staple of their home life at any time of day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ru) wrote: Alternately funny, then silly. This Means War benefits from 3 capable actors, but then tries to pull a Mr/Mrs Smith copycat.

Patrick W (au) wrote: Jackson plays an old blues musician who finds Ricci, a childhood sex abuse victim, and tries to get her to change her ways. It's a very interesting story and the dynamic between Jackson and Ricci is well played out. Not a huge fan of the film overall but it's not terrible.

corey m (it) wrote: let's just start with the obvious thing, there's only one "L" in Van Helsing. Mr. Hyde is used as nothing more than cheap comic refief, sure it's suppose to show how badass Mr Van Helsing is, but only shows how incompetent Mr. Hyde is. (this movie has barely started). Then he goes to visit Q from MI-6 to get the specific equipment he'll need he goes some place to face dracula and the brides of dracula, which is pointless because said monsters don't kill anybody any way! The wolfman is nothing more than means for helsing to get the super natural power to defeat dracula, who should have killed this mortal man a dozen times over with his super natural powers! few movies are worse than this...

Mark K (fr) wrote: A truly horrible vampire flick.

Billiam H (mx) wrote: I really do not understand how this movie cost 85 million dollars to make.

Scott M (ca) wrote: Amusing, but not 'laugh out loud' funny.

Scott R (fr) wrote: It was too cliche for me. It seemed like it couldn't decide whether it was a fun movie or a serious one.

David B (gb) wrote: If you love musicals, then you might like this film. It seems that everyone that was part of Warner Bros. at that time had a bit part in the film. There are some funny moments, but i hate musicals.

Johnathan Z (mx) wrote: From a critical point of view: this movie is bloody awful. From my Al Pacino fanboy point of view: this movie is bloody awful. With that said for some reason this is one of my guilty pleasure movies that I can't help but like.

Jens T (ru) wrote: Hector Babenco's Kiss of the Spider Woman tells the story that is set in a Latin-American dictatorship where the underground freedom fighter Valentin Arregui (Raul Julia) who's been thrown in jail. He shares a cell with the homo sexual Luis Molina (William Hurt) who loves to tell Valentin about a film he once saw, which actually was a German Nazi propaganda film. But that doesn't bother Luis, what he loves is the soap opera plot about forbidden love, between a German officer and a french freedom fighter. while Valentine is offended by his movie. By giving you the inciting incident I would also give away the story. All I can say here is that Luis' movie is a mirror of what is going to happen.Kiss of the Spider Woman is a good prison film, with two extraordinary main characters, which dialogue is never boring. But the movie on the other hands seems to loose our attention in the middle of the film. I also liked the the two plot lines in general. So artistic and so creative. And the chemistry between the main characters, despite their differences their political differences and their sexuality, is just perfect. They are in this together. William Hurt truly deserved that Oscar, because he was able to create such a three-dimensional vivid character. Thumbs up.

Robert H (es) wrote: My Bloody Valentine is a pretty solid slasher film that manages some pretty gruesome shots if you manage to watch the uncut version.What may seem like standard stuff and been there done that slasher stylings becomes something more when you realise this film is from 1981 which puts it near the start of the slasher craze. ie. people were copying Bloody Valentine rather than the other way around.That being said, this is an early low budget Canadian slasher so it doesn't have all the flare and spice of modern films but then again... aren't most the really good slashers early low budget and sometimes even Canadian? ;)

Taylor C (ag) wrote: A neat take on the war of the worlds. Not much of a plot. And the humans seem to have way too many resources to be losing as bad as they are.