• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:21 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ballet,   dance,   dancer,  
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:Yugoslavia
  • Director:Karolj Vicek
  • Writer:Karolj Vicek

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Marischa B (us) wrote: Another bad horror, why am I not surprised.Storyline - Some one need to come up with their own ideas, its like watching a bad pulse, resident evil or a bad zombie movie, very boring and non creative film, as well as predictive, no point in watching this.Effects - no effort, just bad blackish blood, and a few stupid tricks, when it comes to special effects, this movie suck at it, but I have seen worse.Dialogue - Bad acting, bad actors, bad dialogue. overall this was a waste of Hollywood potential.

Jay B (kr) wrote: It's about time Harry and the Hendersons got taken down a notch. Exists is an exhilarating mix of horror and lore (HorLore?) that will keep you watching to the last frame.

Jennifer L (jp) wrote: a bit too disneyfied for my taste (especially the terribly awkward final credit sequence featuring members of the crew in a recording studio a la "saved by the bell"), but the story is a good one anyway.

Nicolas L (br) wrote: Un documentaire tres intressant, dont le contenu est vraiment tres dense. Cependant le film ou les squences d images censes porter les dialogues sont vides en sans vies. Elles dfilent a la faon de flashs, des lieux, des visages mais assez peu d images du groupe ou d une quelconque interview, ce qui rend se documentaire plutt triste. Le rytme est aussi tres linaire, j avais imagin des extraits de lives ou de petits films privs. Le chanteur est interview, il parle du dbut a la fin un peu a la faon d un monologue. Meme si l on comprend mieux cet artiste apres ce documentaire on passe a mon sens a cot du plus important et comme il le dit tres justement en somme ce qui nous regarde et rien d autre: sa musique ...

Joffrey H (de) wrote: Brilliant, light hearted fun :-)

Nina M (de) wrote: More people need to see this movie.

Marie B (au) wrote: Bien fait mais trop d'animaux tuys, bouwouwou !!!

Julia (mx) wrote: It was a surprisingly refreshing scary movie!! I loved it!!

Joseph W (au) wrote: Beautifully done animation! Great storytelling! & genius music!

Josh L (us) wrote: watched it on the movie network a few times when it first came out.very intense movie

adrianne h (es) wrote: not funny, pointless, overreactions, and nicolas cage.....these are just a few mistakes the producers seemed to have kept in this trivial film.. the positives though, were flying elvis, mahi mahi, and the music......

Ken S (br) wrote: A solid outing for Hammer and Christopher Lee in their "Dracula" series, this one seeing Dracula yet again resurrected to wreak havoc on young women. I think I liked this one better than "Dracula: Prince of Darkness," if only because at least this time Dracula speaks. It isn't as good as their original 1957 effort, but for some solid Dracula action? This'll do the palette nicely!

Private U (br) wrote: This was a good movie, and quite funny, but it reminded me of a tacky mystery novel I read once. I also don't like the disregard for human life. For instance, when they find one of the characters dead, all they do is seem shocked and then move on with the story. No one wept for that character, and I don't think the importance of life should be pushed aside so easily.

Jeffrey R (es) wrote: Guy Ritchie is one of my top 5 favourite film makers