Tetsuo II: Body Hammer

Tetsuo II: Body Hammer

Tetsuo II: Body Hammer is a 1992 Japanese science fiction/horror film directed by Shinya Tsukamoto. It is a bigger-budget reworking of the same director's 1989 movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man, utilizing similar themes and ideas to the earlier film (a Japanese salaryman, played by cult actor Tomorowo Taguchi, finds his body transforming into a weapon through sheer rage after his son is kidnapped by a gang of violent thugs.) It was not as well received as its predecessor but it did win the Critic's Award at the 3rd Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February 1992.

Sequel to "Tetsuo" this time has the Iron Man transforming into cyberkinetic gun when a gang of vicious skinheads kidnap his son. When the skinheads capture him, they begin to experiment on... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George P (jp) wrote: Well, the guy DID have a pretty cool helmet.

Andrew H (it) wrote: It suffers a bit from bad dialogue and acting (they're kids, come on), but for the most part it's very funny and entertaining, and the montages set to music are incredible.

Hannah J (gb) wrote: Every time it's on tv, I can't look away. ??

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Ross M (jp) wrote: Possibly the movie with the least things 'happening' in it i've ever seen. The long shots of little-to-no action near the near the end didnt exactly help my faltering concentration. :(

Mieko I (jp) wrote: Very interesting to see how you could fall into madness when you can't get what you want.

Martin D (ru) wrote: I honestly can't believe i haven't seen this yet.

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