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James S (fr) wrote: 'Gone Baby Gone' is a powerful, thought-provoking thriller that entertains, yet leaves the viewer will something to genuinely ponder. Toying with the true meaning of right, the film revolves around a missing girl. Much of the story plays out as you would expect, as one of the Afflecks assists in tracking down the culprit. Exciting action sequences inject pace inbetween tense scenes between key culprits. The conclusion however begins to pose difficult questions not only for our lead to answer, but the audience also. I thoroughly enjoyed this book to film adaptation, and its certainly one I continue to discuss and recommend.

Federico F (ag) wrote: typical horror vampire, an appearance between comics and videoclips

Jeffrey P (ag) wrote: Whoever gives this movie more than a star should have their heads examined, if you want to watch a bunk of snowboarding then turn on ESPN so you wont have to spend money on this colossal shit sandwich of a movie that had me searching for an AIDS infected prostitute to have unprotected sex with in order to get my mind off it.

evan a (gb) wrote: No movie will ever live up to back to the future or its trilogy it is just so well written and portrayed you cant beat it. Definitely a must see

Paul D (ca) wrote: Poor big screen version of the comedy that relies too heavily on innuendo.

Noname (de) wrote: A pretty unknown classic movie to me other than that i have heard the title name before. I like most classics if its the right genre / story and if there are some famous talent actors aswell in it. The story follows 2 criminals , Papillon (Steve McQueen) and Dega (Dustin Hoffman ) on an prison island with escape as one option.. i like these kind of movies alot because its a good exciting genre for the most time. This was such a time and i was very satisfied with this powerful drama with amazing performances from both Steve and Dustin. Sometimes it felt slow paced but thats usually a common thing with older classic movies mostly because movies length.. anyway a flick to enjoy !

Simon D (ca) wrote: Of the three, I'd say this was the best. In fact, probably one of the best Westerns I've seen.

Zoran S (br) wrote: It starts a bit slow but this is one of Bunuel's best Mexican era films. It is also one of the most brilliant films made about the futility of faith.

Steve E (ru) wrote: Classic Eastern movie, I say Eastern instead of Western because the story happens in New York State during the American Revolution war, although in those days this part of the state where this story occurs, the Mohawk Valley, was considered 'West', so to call this film a Western wouldn't be completely false, although it reminded me more of a high quality Daniel Boon episode, than a true Western.So, this Frontier 'Western' film starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert is not only an educational experience, but it's entertaining at the same time, and considering this film is quite old, it did not drag. The pace is nice and steady, with enough drama and wonderful performances to keep even jaded movie fans interested. This is a John Ford film, so you can't go wrong here, this film has a high degree of craftsmanship and mastery, it's a wonderful depiction of those uncertain times when men and women going westward had to be courageous, and very resourceful to survive. This is a testament of the American people during the revolution, their relentless courage and their eventual victory and independence.A beautiful story of courage, Love, freedom and hope.

Walter M (nl) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "You Only Live Once," things are finally looking up for three-time convict Eddie Taylor(Henry Fonda) upon his release from prison. Joan Graham(Sylvia Sidney) is in love with him and they plan on marrying once he is on the outside, even though her boss, public defender Stephen Whitney(Barton MacLane) has his doubts. But things do not start out that great. They are evicted from their honeymoon hotel once Eddie is recognized and he is fired from his job as a truck driver after being late on one run. Desperate to make the down payment on a house, Eddie meets up with his old gang...[/font] [font=Century Gothic]Directed by Fritz Lang, "You Only Live Once" is a hardly subtle but riveting melodrama that that has aged very well in the decades since it was made. Serving also as a pointed examination of the criminal justice system and the death penalty, the movie has a special emphasis on the concept of reform and how hard it is for a former criminal to go straight. [/font]

Dax S (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot as a kid.

Carlos M (us) wrote: Even if completely unrealistic, it is easy to enjoy this delightful little Cinderella story that works so well thanks to the chemistry between the two leads and the delicious dialogue, while Julia Roberts puts in a very adorable performance.

Henrysmovieguide C (kr) wrote: Such a cool fantasy movie. Action-packed, but it's not just a dumb action flick. Smart, fun, serious, and engaging. Long, but worth sitting through. Definitely.