A blind man with his 'Echolocation' power takes on a revenge mission.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Tamil,Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   pianist,   revenge,  

A blind man with his 'Echolocation' power takes on a revenge mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben D (es) wrote: Documentary about a blackjack/card counting team of all Christian card players.

Frdric H (br) wrote: Finally i had the chance of seeing the movie that came out in 2011 and it was well worth it. Starbuck is a heart-warming comedy about a guy who donated sperm years ago to one clinic and 142 of his 533 children are trying to know who their biological father is. The Movie is well written and is a must watch! Another successful movie from Quebec !

Eric M (us) wrote: More meaningful lesson a human can get in life. It's more about being a better person and joyful about the moment...everything you do, everyone you interact with can become a mirror to your soul...human or animal. Or great horseman. Pretty incredible story :)

Dean I (br) wrote: This is a great story and really well-produced. Very emotional and inspirational, especially for a documentary. See it!

Tony S (ru) wrote: Very atmospheric. Better than the average serial killer movie as the characters don't fit in with the stereotypical high school types.

Megan R (es) wrote: Dash Mihok....utterly amazing in the film! I have never been disappointed in his work and he still has not failed me...not even in this one ; ) Keep it up "D"!

Craig D (de) wrote: Awesome one of the best games movies ever.

Jeff H (nl) wrote: Hilarious and inspiring. Watch this movie.

Cain L (ca) wrote: One of the most poignant, anti-war films in the 1950s.

Brian S (kr) wrote: And, yet, I'm being nice because this film, although sometimes interesting is a highly fictionalized tale, full of bullshit, sometimes even disturbing story about the use of cannabis. I watch the colorized version because you can't see anything in the original version. It's a classic trash film for sure and is the mother of propaganda drug movies. It's either overacted or underacted but one is in common: the acting is bad.

James C (mx) wrote: An absolutely incoherent run-on sentence of a film that feels like an excerpt of a bigger, worse piece of work. The only light that's dying here is the light powering my will to live after sitting through this.

Christie B (nl) wrote: nothing was good about this movie.

Ty P (kr) wrote: Excellent, well made and some unbelievable performances. Although the story is sometimes flat, and quite monotone, this adds to the reality of the film, which at no time(even though predictable) is never boring. The scenery and the mood in which this film was made(dark blues, greys and cold greens) really grips you, and makes you fully feel like you're there, and adds to the almost unemotional cold feeling of the movie. The story itself is also gripping, powerful and unforgiving, showing some real unhollywood style characters. Truely great stuff.