Thacholy Ambu

Thacholy Ambu


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Thacholy Ambu torrent reviews

Leong C (br) wrote: Pretty decent date flick, presidential style...

Randall S (ca) wrote: A bitter sweet drama focused on the disappearance of a local Seattle rock star. Collette (as the rock star's former flame) goes on the search to see if he died or just went rogue. Eggold offers the pretty boy charm and support to the plot, and Hayden Church steals every scene as he helps Collette find closure in her investigation. Well told, and...kinda sad.

Tiger L (es) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very funny

Chris S (de) wrote: It's bothersome to see this from an outside perspective, and then realize that I've seen this kinda stuff happen in real life.

Dawn K (au) wrote: I am not sure what I expected from this movie, but it wasn't really this. Vanessa Redgrave is really good as a dying woman who is remembering a significant and poignant time in her life and is trying to tell her daughters [who are rather selfish and self-absorbed] about it as she drifts in and out of consciousness. Claire Danes is really great here as is Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha Richardson [real-life mother and daughter]. But they are not given much to work with and the plot and lines are pretty weak in parts and you feel like they are struggling to fill in those parts.

Cristi B (ag) wrote: buna gagicain filme aia care trag prima data iarba sunt mereu funny

Sam T (es) wrote: A total charmer of a film, despite its messy editing and structure, not only emphasizes the importance of arts education but also movingly captures the sweet innocence of childhood.

Nicolas A (gb) wrote: Not as cool as i tought it would be, the beginning and till somewhere in the middle had nothing to do with the ending, it was like an ending from another movie, but a bit better then. It's more a drama western with a bit action at the ending. It's a nice family reunion a good story to, but the attack on the indians didnt really have allot to do with the rest of the film.

Jonathon M (ca) wrote: One of my favourite Fred & Ginger movies. Less musical numbers but more than made up for the wonderful screwball comedy.

James H (nl) wrote: This is one of the best coming of age tales I have ever seen and I will use the cliche phrase of saying it is a true cult classic! Extremely clever and incredibly funny while also having some real emotional drive behind it and promoting themes such as self belief, standing up for yourself and even doing the right thing. All the characters are great and this has actually inspired some cliches and parodies of its own!

Pete L (ru) wrote: Body Guard #2: [inspecting the limo] A bomb!Body Guard #1: No, that's the muffler. A movie that is funny at times, but forgettable.Plot: An aspiring actor lands a role in a movie only to discover that Hollywood only wants the "Stereotypical black guy" role. This is clearly the predecessor to films such as, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood and Scary Movie. While parts of this are funny, as a whole this movie isn't that entertaining. While I enjoyed the character Bobby Taylor and some of the hilarious sketches, I came away disappointed. But I do applaud Robert Townsend for at least trying to make a funny movie especially with the film's low budget.

Sylvester E (ru) wrote: A film worth adding to your collection.