A mafia don sends his son out of the country because he doesn't want even a shadow of his life falling on him. Destiny wills otherwise. The son makes an innocuous trip to Mumbai to visit his dad. And ends up filling his father's large shoes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Thalaivaa 2013 full movies, Thalaivaa torrents movie

A son steps into his father's shoes, has to win a bloody war before he becomes the leader. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela P (gb) wrote: I picked this out on netflix because I remembered the title and a bunch of people sqeeeing about it. I was underwhelmed. I liked the supporting cast much better than the core cast, and the standout performer was Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratchet, Kai Winn). Very much a Brokeback Mountain meet Elizabethtown, not to put to fine a point on it. Though not as dramatic as either. It got a few titters out of me, but overall I think the writing could have been better, the acting could have been better, the production as well. The only thing I really liked about it was the way the town itself became sort of a gestalt character interacting with the main characters using the face of one or a few of its members at a time. Everyone had the same goal, but at the same time, this plus actually obviated the lack of proper motivation for the main characters.

Jason S (br) wrote: kindof odd movie but i enjoy it esp the ladies

Tristan P (br) wrote: Decent acting is all this movie has going for it. Very cheesy, and simply not funny or scary. Once Bitten has a terrible (not to mention a very rated R) storyline, that should not be recommended.

Issac L (ca) wrote: Stumbling upon this eponymous tie-in of THE WHO's 1973 rock opera album QUADROPHENIA comes as simple as a happenstance out of a grab bag, haven't heard of the album and being an outsider to this period of mods fashion, it is a primitive yet purest experience to appreciate a film on its own terms.It is another REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955, 8/10) youth ill at ease, a telling zeitgeist encapsulation recounts a young mod's contradiction against the world in 1960s, his family, his job, his friends, his idol, and his love interest, all fail to gratify him. When the only thing he is left with is a revamped vespa, his destructive bravado indicates whether it is a resounding emblem of all perish together or a belated disillusion to bode farewell to his vapid and futile past? Fortunately the film chooses the latter (unlike the album's more radical stance), so it is a more generically pleasing alternative, but since our protagonist is not such a sympathetic character, a whiff of insouciance is irrevocable to eschew even in the culminating sequences alongside a magnificent precipice.The mods vs. rockers commotions play a key role in venting the discontent among sociopaths, anarchists and boredom-driven young generation, which is universally pertinent to elsewhere in the world, we may blame youth for their narrow-minded prejudices, but the adult world depicted here is no more appealing neither. Phil Daniels and his pals (Wingett, Davis and Shail) exude excellent street cred of the fashion, although none of them galvanizes me into any further inspection, save Leslie Ash's promiscuous lass, she is the only one seems to be cool about what's happening around and understand the ephemeral phase of idiocy. Sting has a supporting role as mechanical as one can imagine despite of his gorgeousness, and a budding Ray Winstone in his seldom seen role as the injured party of a brawl.The songs from the namesake album segues fluently throughout the film, nostalgia works much better in audio than visual this time I must say, it is a movie attracts its own cult followers and its socio-cultural astuteness may be worthy of a conscientious rediscovery if put inside a time capsule and wait to be exhumed a few more generations later.

Marcey I (mx) wrote: Good to see early Cronenberg being such a huge fan. But this is not very good, it is rather boring and not all that interesting. When you read what it is about it sounds interesting but the execution of it, is not however. Due to budget there is no music, no sound what so ever, only the narration voice-over. The characters in the film, well half the time I can't tell what they are doing, with no sound it makes it all the more difficult. It is a bit too long, but the themes presented in this are typical Cronenberg, a sign of things to come.

Sandy C (mx) wrote: randolph scott was the best western actor ever.

Vic V (us) wrote: The quintessential classic western that includes every myth of the old west - the gold rush, ghost towns, outlaws, greed, loyalty, betrayal, Apaches, love and redemption. It keeps moving at a thriller's pace with great performances by bad guy Widmark and bad-guy-turned-good guy. Peck. The best allusion: greed for gold (riches) ruins every man it touches.

Conrad T (ca) wrote: Clone of the Japanese version with the same name yet less funny.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: It just looks pretty enjoyable to me.

Trinity C (mx) wrote: Looks interesting...

Marlinek M (fr) wrote: My beautiful animaction.