Surya is an orphan raised in a slum. He finds a friend in the local Godfather. They rule the town and forms a parallel government. Things are well until new district collect, step -brother of Surya takes charge. Surya finds his mom and decides to surrender.

Surya (Rajnikanth) is an orphan raised in a slum. He finds a friend in the local Godfather (Mamooty). They rule the town and forms a parallel government. Things are well until new district ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max D (us) wrote: Chilling, disturbing, mesmerising.

Greg W (gb) wrote: slow plodding and uninteresting and a waste of some gr8 actors i think this is the worst ,movie i've seen this year

Karen J (es) wrote: Amazing movie love it

Jessica D (nl) wrote: Not my kind of film.

Mad M (es) wrote: So great to see another Riddick installment. Great on its own. A notch down from Chronicles of Riddick. Please make more.

Martin T (de) wrote: N, detta var verkligen ingen hit. Brjade lite som Saw, men sen blev det nn annan dlig film och s var det slut.

Jarkko H (ca) wrote: The world's first full-length computer animation film to start the animation dynasty. Describing the friendship and jealousy of the new film is also in many ways a fun and captivating, so it could be said to be a masterpiece.Despite the minor shortcomings in the animation Toy Story is a compelling film for the whole family. Modern-day great animation classic that will entertain all the family members (especially children).

Joby D (gb) wrote: I'm ashamed to say I've seen this.

Calvin C (it) wrote: Young men in Baltimore during Christmas 1959 contemplating life, love, and friendship. More vignettes than an actual plot, each of the actors have their moment and it is interesting to see how Barry Levinson takes us back to a certain time and place like we're looking through a peephole of a time in these friends lives. Who knew that all the leads would all be well-known actors today?Grade: B+

Merri Lynn M (es) wrote: Maybe not Hepburn at her best, but it is rare that she does not shine. To a writer this movie is true to life. It is easy to relate to Holden's mental block at the beginning and his need for inspiration. When he finds it in Hepburn then the story really begins. The plot is rather superficial, we know the basic outline before we really get into the move, but the fact that Holden and Hepburn can carry it beautifully really makes this movie enjoyable. It is just for fun, no deep meaning to it, and the audience gets two stories in one. It is pleasant, lighthearted, and an escape from reality, often what a good movie should be.

Futaba I (au) wrote: "Charlie's Angels" is a movie which was released in 2000. It was created by Lvan Goff and Ben Roberts, and produced by Aaron Spelling. This is a remake of the American drama TV series "Charlie's Angels", which was an enormously successful drama series in America in the latter part of the twentieth century. The genre of this movie is action and suspense. I would like you to watch and know how interesting this movie is.In this film, three beautiful women are working in Charlie's private detective agency. They resolve many kinds of accidents, disguising themselves and cooperating. These scenes made me feel the suspensive and my heart thumped. They were very intellectual, powerful and also cute. We can enjoy their action, sexiness, and humor. Especially, I love their action because it was an impressive performance. In fact, they toned up their bodies a few months before the filming started. Therefore, their bodies were trained and action was wonderful. If you watch this action, you will be infatuated with these three women. In addition, we can feel Japanese culture through this movie. There is a scene of a Japanese party, so we can see some kinds of Japanese dishes. Some people use Japanese words, such as "Konichiwa" and "banzai". Also, you can listen to a few Japanese songs at the party. For example, "Ue wo muite aruko". This song is very famous and popular among Japanese people. Like this, you are able to touch and learn Japanese culture.If you are interested in action or suspense movies, or if you are interested in Japanese culture you had better watch this movie. Absolutely, you can enjoy it. That's is why I recommended you see it as soon as possible.

Bruce20 B (jp) wrote: Underrated. This smashing hit shows what marvel is about! My Score: 81%

Teika S (jp) wrote: 'Twas a whole lotta Barbara!

Adam R (fr) wrote: Mindless action with a confused plot. Dennis Rodman's acting is about as bad as you would expect. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)