Thanks for the Memory

Thanks for the Memory

Steve Merrick is an out of work writer who stays home and plays house husband while his wife goes to work for her former fiancé and Merrick's publisher who is still carrying a torch for her.

Bob Hope is an out of work writer who stays home and plays house husband while his wife goes to work for her former fiancé and Hope's publisher who is still carrying a torch for her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason W (nl) wrote: I think this movie was supposed to have social commentary about the shitty day to day life of office work because they just come out and say it. Its like Office Space+alien life-humor=Drones. I really don't know why this movie was made or who it was to be marketed to. Kinda wish I didn't watch this one. Paul F Tompkins is the voice of a copy machine and the boss is a fake ass Kyle MacLachlan. I thought the end of the movie would maybe partially redeem the movie, but it just made me more mad.

Gary S (jp) wrote: Great film, makes you think :)

Troy K (es) wrote: People are taking this movie way to seriously. For what it was I really liked it. Great movie to kill some time with.

Sean D (jp) wrote: Sweet movie! Comparable sequel

Emma V (fr) wrote: I really liked it! It was very entertaining and was the story of my life! Haha JK! Liked the movie I recommend u watch it!:)

Domitille r (mx) wrote: Talking about sexe is it the only reason thats why this movi have been made? It is interesting but no more.

Love M (us) wrote: Its an ok film. Patrick Swayze and the child actors were entertaining enough.

Rachel (nl) wrote: This is a great film noir but very hard to find - wish I could get it on dvd!

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Making a sequel to a sports movie is hard. Finding a way to continue the story of the lead character(s) in a way that doesn't feel like it retreads the original too closely or has a predictable outcome is so important in keeping the film fresh for viewers. Making a sequel to perhaps the greatest sports movie ever should have been impossible. Rocky II, however, manages to stand alongside its predecessor well enough, even if it does sometimes fall into those aforementioned pitfalls of any sports sequel. What truly keeps this film afloat is the returning presence of Sylvester Stallone. Once again, Stallone shows his clear passion for this character he's written. Whether he's in the ring giving it all he's got physically or in a quieter character moment alongside Talia Shire or Burgess Meredith, Stallone completely embodies Balboa's sense of navet about the harsh realities of life, especially those that come with his newfound fame and the increasing tensions from an opponent who is far from satisfied with his last-minute decision win. Stallone also inherits the director's chair from John G. Avildsen, but completely matches the same tone of the original that's needed for a nice underdog tale like this. There's no fancy camerawork, outside of another training montage set to Bill Conti's endlessly catchy "Gotta Fly Now," but this isn't a movie that needs a flashy sense of style. It's a movie about character, and in that regard, Stallone's trifecta of directing, writing, and acting makes this a worthy successor to the Best Picture winning film. This film itself deserves its own victory cry like the ever-famous one that concludes this tale: they did it.


Johnny L (fr) wrote: It may bear significance to those struggling with depression.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Makes a fine addition to my collection.

Domi C (mx) wrote: Check Damien Straker's comments in the critic review. He is spot on.