A man leading a happy life with his loving wife and two children suddenly starts getting forgetful and lost. Then, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease leaving his family devastated.

He was the best father any son would dream of. His dream was to see his son as an IAS Officer. And he almost saw it.....almost . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew O (au) wrote: A very funny and sweet short film told with astounding charm, style, and quite a brain to boot.

Dan H (nl) wrote: Nothing special, predictable.

Manuel M (kr) wrote: Chistosisima nunca pierden el estilo hehe

Alden W (nl) wrote: La vi por segunda vez y me sigue pareciendo gigante. La cotidianeidad con que Lacuesta filma estos personajes te hace sentir como si fueran tus vecinos, o gente de lo ms comn. Pero en esta pelcula de excavaciones, algunos cadveres pueden traer a la luz un pasado de juventud revolucionaria con ciertas resoluciones que era mejor dejar bajo tierra. Esa tensin apaciguada se me meti abajo de la piel (el sonido tiene bastante que ver con esto). Y hay muchos detalles para profundizar sobre personajes que son bastante ms diferentes de lo que parecen a priori. Buenos actores, con caras y cuerpos que ya dicen mucho sobre quines son y cunto tienen por detrs. Fanego memorable. Favorita TOTAL.

Matt M (ca) wrote: This sequel is even worse than the first movie, if at all possible. Inspector Gadget rounds up the gang to catch a criminal and prove he is still number one. The whole film seems to be built to be ridiculously childish.

Shaun K L (mx) wrote: I'd been waiting to see this for a while now...I really enjoyed it...great characters and a very interesting story...the standout had to benew comer Robin Johnson...very interesting actress...Moyle must have found her on the street cause you just can't act certain things...I can see the trade marks that Moyle would use later with his other films, Pump up the Volume and Emipre Records...loved the music of the early 80's... overall a very impressive little film that seems to have gone under the radar...anyone who likes Moyles stuff should check this out...they don't make moives like this much anymore..

Andres S (us) wrote: Its a shame american people didnt understand this piece of art from the visionary ditector Tim Burton because I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best movies ive ever seen. The script is hillarious and the cast is amazing but i guess not everyeone share the same opinion

Joey A (kr) wrote: This is an amazing movie! There is one scene, the rotten berry scene, that seem out of place and just unnecessary but overall this is one of Pixar's great computer animated films. This is a great film and I'm sure you too will love it.