That Championship Season

That Championship Season

It started as a friendly meeting between 4 old buddies with their basketball coach and ended up in revealing the truth about their relationship. The meeting forces the five men to reveal their true identity, to be honest with each other for the first time in their lives. When the night comes to an end they decide to go back to the old glorious days and reunite into the team which won that championship season, back in 1957.

It started as a friendly meeting between 4 old buddies with their basketball coach and ended up in revealing the truth about their relationship. The meeting forces the five men to reveal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spyder D (gb) wrote: Fans of Breaking Bad need not go into withdrawal just yet for lack of drug fuelled, greedy southwest weirdness. Out now on DVD, Blu-ray and I-Tunes / VOD is RUSHLIGHTS, director Antonio Stutz's suspenseful Texas thriller with enough steamy heat, plot twists and the occasional syringe in the eye to keep you on the edge of your couch for the entirety of its 94 minute spin in your disc drive of choice.What a tangled, bloody, web Sarah and Billy (Haley Webb and Josh Henderson) two would-be grafters from LA weave, when at first they practice to deceive in Sheriff Brogden Jr.'s (Beau Bridges) tiny but terrible secret packed town of Tremo.Long allegedly-true-story short, unshaven but smiling Billy meets weary but winsome waitress Sarah at Stanley's diner. Grungy romance ensues until Ellen a friend of Sarah's who coincidentally looks just like her, overdoses and documents in her purse indicate she was about to inherit a whole lotta land and other valuable properties from her uncle Zackary Niles in the Lone Star State. In a monumental moment of bad decision making, Sarah and Billy, get the idea (though he suggests it) to see if Sarah can pass as Ellen and lay claim to the multimillion dollar estate. What could go wrong? Plenty or this would be a fifteen minute movie.At first Billy and Sarah's scheme appear to be going smoothly, thanks to the help of Cameron Brogden (Aidan Quinn), the attorney for Uncle Zackary's estate. Initially Cameron is courteous, seems to believe Ellen's story and appears agreeable to ownership changing hands in a calm, slow talking manner.Not so neighborly however is Sherriff Brogden Jr. (Beau Bridges) Cameron's older brother and the law of the town for the past thirty years. Like most movie sherriffs Brogden is suspicious of all "foreigners" to the town, has plenty of questions and is determined to do as much poking around as the law will allow and maybe a little more to find what's really going on. What comes next is a perfect storm of murder, mendacity and cross dressed small town strangeness, the kind you don't hear about in John Cougar songs.Without giving any plot twists or double crosses away, suffice it to say RUSHLIGHTS is a tense, indie thriller best viewed late at night through the bottom of a Corona bottle with a side of Cuervo, for sipping. One question that did come to mind was where are Harry Dean Statnton and Matthew McCaughnehey in all this?As for the title, I still don't know what RUSHLIGHTS means, despite a quote at the picture's beginning having something to do with such 18th century trending topics as "pith", "rush" and "tallow" from a poem by B.J. Smith. But any way you view it or construe it, it's worth sticking around to the end to see who gets away with what may or may not be coming to them.

Thomas H (es) wrote: A successful translation of the political satire 'The Thick of It'.

Robert B (gb) wrote: Take away the acclaim and Atonement works fine as a drama. The film looks as good as the actors. The various situations are somewhat interesting, but the film never comes together or feels completed at the end. The war scenes do almost nothing for the story, which seems to have no main character. But overall, Atonement is fine, I just didn't find it to merit any awards.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: at its core, this movie is about standing up for what you believe in, and it portrayed this beautifully and tragically. i found it difficult to watch some of the scenes, because of how graphic they were. but it was brilliantly created, and worth a watch if you have the stomach for some heavy child abuse.

Ashley B (nl) wrote: Wasn't one of Whitaker's best performances, but it was decent.

Janet (it) wrote: I love animal movies so this is one to add as another i like.

Vinny M (us) wrote: Would not recommend the movie to anyone that isn't gay. But if you are... it kinda works.. eventually. Starts off so badly that you don't think you'll watch it all the way to the end. But the plot has enough twists, and the acting is good enough that I actually enjoyed it despite myself. Its got a cheesy 80s soundtrack, and the storyline of a boy struggling to come to terms with his sexuality rings very true in many places. So a thumbs up!

John M (fr) wrote: Very tightly written, well acted, and insanely funny. Enough levity and ridiculousness to shake off some(but not all) of the darkness.

Jarrett M (ca) wrote: While Human Vs. Zombies does have a few clever moments, it is largely an innept film that has failures in the story, writing, acting and directing departments. This film brings absolutely nothing new or even interesting to the zombie genre and instead gives us stupid and annoying characters, cringe inducing and mind numblingly dumb dialogue, and an ending that feels about as abrupt and satisfying as running into a wall. The film isn't a total write-off though, as it does have a few inspired moments. Be warned that these are few and far between and don't offset the rest of the film. Only for the most hardcore of zombie movie fans, and even your patience may be tested. I recommend avoiding at all costs.