That Was Our Rommel

That Was Our Rommel


  • Category:War
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  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:N/A
  • Director:Horst Wiganko
  • Writer:Horst Wiganko, Walter Sante

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That Was Our Rommel torrent reviews

Kunal D (de) wrote: Good it is way better than critics made it out to be

David S (us) wrote: Many claim Wolf Creek to be one of Australia's better films, being a horror breakthrough in the industry as well as sadistic creativity. John Jarrat does do a wonderful job being the villain, however, that is where the genius stops. Predictability is strife in this film, courtesy to the stupidity of the victims' characters. And, it is difficult to sympathize or empathize for characters, when they deliberately put themselves into suicidal situations. The only sympathy felt for here is for the industry, which claims Wolf Creek to be one of Australia's best; a very sad statement.

April N (de) wrote: I watched this because it was filmed in South Carolina where I grew up. (The same reason I watched Paradise w/ on Johnson). Some of the acting was unprofessional but otherwise a great family movie to watch with your kids.

Bambi J (fr) wrote: Would've been higher by maybe 5-10% more but I hated the ending!

Roy S (jp) wrote: Touching documentary about a man and his musical instrument that you don't touch.

Jesse F (nl) wrote: Much better than the original. Pamela Springsteen makes the character of "Angela" a blast to watch while Felissa Rose made it excruciating to watch. Yes it's dumb and trashy and horribly bad but this along with it's sequel are some of the most fun slasher films the 80's can offer.

Rodney E (ru) wrote: The video box is something that intrigued and semi freaked me out as a kid. I found this on video not too long ago and had to pick it up. It's somewhat creepy for its time setting and there are some cool effects. Eyes of Fire is kind of a curiosity and should be viewed in the season of fall.

Kris M (gb) wrote: A horsie person MUST SEE!!!

Lachlan C (de) wrote: This is an interesting, well-acted, surprisingly-not-so-gory little cannibal movie. It was good.

Blake P (jp) wrote: Wow! Fan favorite Greer Garson is Marie, a young chemist studying with renowned scientist Pierre Curie, who's of course played by Walter Pidgeon. They fall in love, and work together to figure out what now is known as radium, an element which, at that time was not yet discovered. Though eventually they do discover it, tragedy ensues, causing harm in this legendary household. Greer Garson is (in my opinion) the 1940's version of Greta Garbo (which is funny considering they have the same initials). Like Garbo, Garson was having one box-office and critical success after another, winning an Oscar for "Mrs. Miniver", but also getting nominated non-stop after that, in fact so many times, it has been tied with Bette Davis' nomination streak from 1938-1942. This movie (unlike many of her other films) was awarded with many nominations other than her acting, and everyone is hard not to disagree on. Biopic's were hot, and always brought in audiences. Watching many, I have discovered that it seems the director always focuses on romance, and fictionalizes everything else in the process. But with "Madame Curie", Mervyn LeRoy does anything but. Yes, there is romance, but not the kind you'd see in most. The main focus in the Curies' study of radium, which actually becomes very entertaining with Garson and Pidgeon's excellent acting. Parts of it remind me of "CSI": so many big words! Thankfully, the twosome have the same chemistry they had in "Mrs. Miniver" and are very believable as a married couple. So many moments are emotional, dramatic, and sad, yet not one minute is overdone, and they handle it as people would in real life. "Madame Curie" is a great look into biopics, and I recommend it highly.

Ra W (kr) wrote: Pretty funny in spots but overall I found Dunst's character the least interesting.

Mario R (es) wrote: La original y la mejor de la saga!!! SAVY

Jiri B (gb) wrote: A melodrama that's missing spark and energy. Bogged down with too much detail.