That's Your Funeral

That's Your Funeral

Two funeral parlours fight one another for business, one of whom is more shady than the other.

The animosity between two rival undertakers is amplified when drug traffickers attempt to use coffins and hearses to smuggle their wares. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


That's Your Funeral torrent reviews

Christopher H (au) wrote: It's a 3 and a half film, that I want to give 4, so I shall! A little Brent in all of us.

Carlton R (gb) wrote: Just seen this movie today, didnt expect too much with the begining but as it went on, WOW, total horror, crazy, gripping, and will be a cult classic, don't miss this

gustavmarkovic31 (au) wrote: terrible acting takes a toll for the worst in this mess of a sentimental christmas movie. the children cant act for shit and the adults are, in most cases, worse. there is lame dialogue and boring storyline with unthinkably impossible events. just pure slop.

John P (kr) wrote: Nice little horror/thriller. The twins do a good job. Keeps your attention. The end, though, seems like they ran out of budget...

Harry P (gb) wrote: Love the story things in life can bring people together.

Semour B (de) wrote: Best Adam Sandler movie ever!

Samantha L (nl) wrote: I really like this movie