The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour

A look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet's ecosystems. Featuring ongoing dialogues of experts from all over the world, including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, former head of the CIA R. James Woolse

A look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet's ecosystems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The 11th Hour torrent reviews

Siddharth K (fr) wrote: VERY VERY Funny!!! I enjoyed it very much.

Paul J (it) wrote: a better comedy for 2-year-olds than barnie. hard to decide whether i enjoyed this more than boa vs python.

Monty H (au) wrote: An okay romantic comedy that gets by because Diane Lane and John Cusack are so good. You know the type of movie that you watch and it's just alright and you keep waiting for it to get really good but never do. But because of the actors involved you still manage to like it. Diane and John really do click in this movie and they need to try again and make a better one. Still, this one does have it moments. And of course Diane is looking fabulous as usual. Rebecca: "The best place to meet a guy is at the supermarket. You don't need to waste a lot of time there, either. You see a guy holding a list, you know he's married. He's in the frozen food section carrying a small basket, he's single. I like to hang out by fruits and vegetables, there's a better chance of getting a guy who's healthy".

William C (jp) wrote: Milla Jovovich is back in a style, well a style that is exactly the same as before, in poor style. We now see Zombies roaming the streets of Raccoon City and they're just hell bent on getting some of that human flesh, the zombies consist of a mix of normal or stereotypical zombies, and then some really quick really weird and really stupidly created CGI zombies that we saw in the first movie, but now we see them just a little more. The series I felt could have taken itself into new territory, cast away its first instalment and really gone for it with a promising new plot and a big city to play with. My previous point is not met and we see yet again a poor movie, not one that is near to being hateable, but dislikeable nevertheless.The plot plays out like a video game (oh wait the whole film is based on a video game) and really goes all out on the violence but also rather disappointingly the crazy stunts too. One such stunt that I felt was superbly unneeded was a motorbike crashing through a church window; it was just a pointless bit of thriller filler and had nothing to add to the already dull prospect of an adventure with these characters. And what about those characters? ,well what can be said really other than Jovovich is not bad but far from great, she plays the role in a kind of mediocre way in which she can seem like she is really going to do some OK acting but then scuppers the chance. Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine is again a failed prospect, one thing I hated about her character was the way she is portrayed as this hard cop who is skilful with a gun and yet we see no evidence really, poor yet again. The rest of the cast don't offer much, and the fleeting glimpses of OK actors like Iain Glen are too short to make any acting alright. A lot of the mistakes of the film also lie in the controls of director Alexander Witt whose hand is one that is well hardly one at all, he never fully takes the reigns and the whole flow of the movie can at times lose its rhythm. The writing from Paul W.S Anderson is nothing to help either here; the director of the first movie fails to create a story that is fun or exciting, only yet again that word, poor. The whole technical aspect side of this is also not the best, I mean the productions look isn't all bad and at least it looks the part but it doesn't help too much. The camera work is shoddy and the strange sort of shaky look they give the zombies is horrible and it only creates a sense of motion sickness not horror.So really in conclusion I can only say this is horror not done so well but to be fair it isn't completely just bad. The movie has it's high leg kicks, seemingly impossible jumps and of course gun shots galore and that is all fine and will probably please those who like that kind of thing. The problem I have is the lazy directing and writing and the basic plot which to me is unforgivable and should have been addressed and not just thrown out onto the screen before properly having a look. So anyway before I go off subject about recommending I think many can enjoy this but many won't, depends if you're won over easily or enjoy zombie horror that much.

Jason G (de) wrote: Great cast, poor screenplay.

Oscar D (br) wrote: A riveting account of General Lee's confederate armies earlier victories in the Civil War up to Gettysburg

Jim D (br) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE !!!

Dyron W (jp) wrote: Eddie Murphy is at his best in this classic concert film.

Jack G (es) wrote: Love Happy is the final movie that features the three Marx brothers (Groucho Chico Harpo) in top billing and as the stars. Once again they do the occasional musical performances. This time Frank Tashlin co-writes the script (bringing, I'd imagine, some pure cartoonish brilliance to it, in fits and starts). And it's OK... ish. Actually Harpo is better than OK, but when isn't he? This isn't even his premier work and he's delightful to watch in scenes that should be rote like when the actress asks Harpo to be his manager and he mimes becoming a "big shot" with his feet up on a can of rubbish in a park, miming as well being on the phone with many agents. It's what he was made for as a performer, moments like this.The main problem for me is a major lack of the brothers interacting with one another - Groucho barely appears in the first half for Pete's sake, and only through limited 4th wall breaks - yet there are a lot of legitimately entertaining musical numbers (really, there isn't a dull one, including a number where a woman sings about being frustrated with motherhood). There's once again another loony but half-baked crime plot, here involving stolen diamonds in a can of... sardines I think, Chico on piano, and a musical that is on thin ice as far as being produced. Objectively this isn't as good a movie as I'm rating it, but I'm being generous because when these guys do click in their scenes they are just that funny. In other words it's better than Room Service (oddly enough this has the storyline that it's closest to), but not by much.It's also uncanny seeing Groucho without his grease-paint mustache as a movie character with the brothers.

Joshua G (kr) wrote: A half star was the lowest rating it would allow me to give. I tried to go lower, because a half star is giving it way too much credit.

Al M (de) wrote: Hit and Run is a stranger film than I expected. It opens with a rather boring slasher film setup in which a young woman drives home drunk and discovers a mangled man attached to her vehicle once she arrives home. Of course, she buries the body and then bizarre and scary events begin to occur. Hit and Run is boring for the first half of the film and then at least becomes entertaining albeit stupid. Ultimately, it is a stupid film that doesn't make sense in the final analysis but will provide an hour and a half of entertainment for horror fans with nothing better to do.

Jason T (kr) wrote: A good adaptation of the book with a likable cast, funny, and suitable for the whole family. The first half is great funny and well written. Second half isn't as good drags at places and focuses to much on romances other than food. Beautiful dishes!

Rorshach S (es) wrote: Full of silly action and a incoherent story, The Transporter fails even as popcorn entertainment.

Matthew W (jp) wrote: This movie is one of those classic 50's sci fi monster movies. one word sums this movie the future we will create space ships ware you can use grandees and rocket launchers in them and it wont screw up the machines and or blow a hole in the ship and kill every one.

Wildaly M (br) wrote: Why did I even freaking watch this? What a waste of time. Everything is blown out of proportion. The lead actor (Klein) looks like a dufus rather than a hero (every other character has to literally spell out for him that the owners are killing players on purpose). Also, this is not a remake. In fact, I'm not going to continue and just tell you to skip this (watch the classic 1975 version instead), unless you want a shot of Rebecca Romijn's breasts or a great tutorial on how NOT to do an action film.