The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour

A Romanian peasant fights to get back to his family after he's imprisoned by the Nazis.The picture is based on real events. It includes Hungary's government in collaboration with the Nazis, the encroachment of Romania by Stalin's troopers, and other happenings.

During World War II, a Romanian Jewish peasant is denounced by the village policeman and sent to a concentration camp. In the camp, due to an error, he's drafted into the SS. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mais O (br) wrote: A few good moments but not as funny as pixar

Brian A (gb) wrote: This is one of the worse movies ever, I feel bad for the actors who had to waste their time making it.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: I just kind of enjoyed it, and although it did seem a bit amateurish, I managed to get through it gleefully. I t was an innocent film that felt like a good episode of GLEE>

Sean T (kr) wrote: Good premise. Bad movie.

Ben W (ru) wrote: Has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a while. Got it as the premise sounded interesting and it had Macy in it, but the acting was appalling. There was some attempt to capture the mood of Das Boot or something but it failed miserably. Characters were laughable at times. Further more, there were so many glaring technical errors. 1) At one point, there were computer screens on some of the ships and subs. I'm not sure what era of ships the props department borrowed, but non of that was on ships of the time period. 2) Sonar of the period would not have allowed the team to call out ranges with such precision. 3) Topedoes of the era could not have been used against subs so easily. As the sonar would not be adequate to give depth, the subs would not have known what depth to set the torpedoes at in order to use the torpedoes. In actuality, topedoes could only be used against surface contacts. 4) While sonar could be used to target and fire upon enemy ships, the process took time and further more, German subs didn't really get this capability until the Type XXI came into existance. 5) Loading a torpedo would take 20 minutes or more, and with a full crew working to do it. But since the process was so noisy, subs would typically fire their torpedoes, then try to escape, then start loading again. So the scene at the end where the few men load a torpedo in mere moments was BS! 6) Attacking a destroyer as portrayed in the early scenes would have been suicide. First, there were frequent duds. Secondly, a destroyer had greater speed and fast turning capabilties. If the crew was looking for a torpedo, and on the attack run (thus giving the crew a known bearing on which the torps would be coming from) the destroyer have a good chance of avoiding the torpedoes. And once it had done so, it would know exactly where the sub was, and be able to easily move in to sink it. And I could go on an on.

bentia s (it) wrote: I want to see it so bad I don't know how someone help please

Keno G (us) wrote: Its got Nic Cage yo!

Ingemar G (mx) wrote: The best swedish crime movie ever. Also the best filmed Beck-movier ever. Bo Widerberg were an underrated director who in this movie managed to make a truly great crime-story.

Ethan B (fr) wrote: As being more of a fan of European Vacation than its predecessor, I still rank the two films equally due to the fact that, although funnier, this sequel is terribly written. The script is fine in terms of the humor--the jokes are funnier and more well-constructed, and the situations are seen all the way through to the end. But in terms of the plot, nothing is resolved. And in that aspect, it makes the sequel seem much more unnecessary. In National Lampoon's European Vacation, the Griswold family goes to Europe on a trip that they won on a game show. Antics ensue and the same sort of shenanigans that we see in the first Vacation film happen again.I find myself laughing out loud more during European Vacation. The anticipation of the farce that we see in the first film makes for a more enjoyable experience all around. The characters handle the situations in much more realistic ways.But it's far from perfect. The plot is just stretched way too thin. There isn't any end destination. It's a lot of action with no climactic result. The conflict doesn't even start until 2/3 of the way into the film--right about the time when the comedy starts to lose its overall momentum.The humor is much less dated, and the writers do a great job of not relying on just calling back the jokes from the first film. The children are incorporated a lot more and it feels like much less of a device to showcase Chevy Chase's talent. It's too bad that the plot is pieced together so terribly, because this would have certainly helped the franchise reach a new level. But at least we still have a lot of laughs.Twizard Rating: 70

Lyle R (es) wrote: "Ain't nothin' like the life of a Hollywood stuntman". OK, it's probably not as wild and wacky as what's portrayed by Reynolds in this movie, but it is an entertaining and hilarious look at the business, played strictly for laughs by Reynolds and company. Just sit back and enjoy the goofy fun!

Emma C (kr) wrote: A must watch for any child!

David H (us) wrote: A compelling story without being over-the-top or too melancholy. One can only imagine such an experience, either as the kidnapped or their families back home.

Matt R (ca) wrote: Well it's definitely the best "haunted submarine" movie I've seen in my life.