The 4th Floor

The 4th Floor

A young woman moves into a new apartment that she inherited from her grandmother, who had died there in a bizarre accident. She is immediately confronted by totally bizarre neighbors and someone is obviously out to get her as rats and flies engulf her apartment. But with the array of weirdos around her, who might it be? Everyone warns her to stay away from her upstairs neighbor, but he is the only one who shows any kindness. Supposedly the neighbor below her is an 80 year old woman, but she hammers the floor so hard when the young woman moves furniture that she breaks tiles. Another neighbor seems kind enough to begin with, but later seems more interfering and threatening. Also her weatherman boyfriend can't be ruled out. Contrary to his desire for her to move in with him, she moved into their apartment.

A woman inherits a rent-controlled apartment and is terrorized by a neighbor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bobbi S (gb) wrote: F the critics. I like this movie. It's funny that people who have not a creative bone in their bodies get paid to judge art. They say it took such electrifying material and did nothing with it. I suggest to do these subject(s) full justice would require the impossible: a 33-year long movie or about 300 movies about each character in CBGB and each band that played there. How does one movie delve deeply into so many fascinating, legendary subjects that is CBGB's, I ask?

Kerstin W (ru) wrote: Kanonbra! S stillsam och eftertnksam och nd full av knsla.

Golia K (mx) wrote: "- It's true. Everybody loves his illusions.- Loves them. They need them. Like they need the air."

Trent J (fr) wrote: A so-so premise relying on a slow burn technique to reach its 'thrilling' conclusion. There are a few choice sequences worth remembering (Guy Fawkes' Day being one of them), but for the most part, this is an unsubstantial thriller with an introverted lead that's difficult to empathize with.

Tyler S (it) wrote: "Is that the point of the ice-fishing story?"

Janet S (de) wrote: Can't ever pass up watching this one.