The A Plate

The A Plate

A car salesman scheming to take over his dealership finds his plan thrown off course after he falls for his boss's daughter.

A car salesman scheming to take over his dealership finds his plan thrown off course after he falls for his boss's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karan K (de) wrote: I believe we cracked better jokes in the hall, compared to the jokes in the movie.Also, Vidya Balan doesn't need to be pregnant to look pregnant.

Natalie B (nl) wrote: This would have been better had Mark Levin interviewed not just the freakshow white-supremacist swastika flag seller or the ramblings of a few uneducated, loutish young Arab-American guys on the street (or immediately after prayer on the day wheelchair-bound Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was assassinated by the Israeli army. I agree with the Rotten Tomatoes reviewer who states: "It could have closely examined the often blurred and exploited line between anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian passions. But without distinguishing between the skinheads, full of monolithic blind hate, and the Palestinians, a long-persecuted and diverse people with historical and political grievances, Levin's argument loses impact, and worse, focus." This documentary does work in the way that it shows that those who are raised to hate will find an excuse to keep on hating no matter what truths opposing their beliefs are presented to them.

Melissa C (mx) wrote: Great movie and an awesome cast too~ xD I liked the depth of the relationships, especially between the mother and Mi-na. Definitely a tearjerker!!

Heather B (es) wrote: Would have watched if they didn't cut Robert Pattinson out of it. I've seen the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor,....too bad. He would have spiced this up from what the other reviewers are saying.


Anthony B (mx) wrote: Greg Focker lives in Chicago with his girlfriend Pamela who he wants to get married to. Greg is a male nurse. Throughout the movie, this makes him receive much scrutiny. Pamela is a school teacher. Greg wants to propose to Pamela, but realizes that he needs to ask for her father's permission. Greg is instantly disliked by Jack, Pamela's father. Jack has a circle of trust, and Greg is not in it with the rest of the family. Pamela's whole family is very successful professional people and Jack does not think that Greg fits in. Greg keeps getting into more and more trouble the whole time he is there, ruining events and other planned occasions until him and Pamela are basically broken up. Her whole family thinks that he is a very unsuitable husband, thinking that he cannot be trusted to take care of her properly financially and emotionally. It took a lot of time, but in the end, jack finally excepts Greg into the family and the Circle of trust. Meet the Parents is a classic family comedy that shows the difficulties of in-law relationships. It is worth the watch

Je M (it) wrote: Scattershot but well-intentioned. Despite a story designed to tug the heart strings, it still manages to feel far removed from the horrors suffered by Sarajevans during the siege, overall packing less of an emotional punch than you'd expect.

Jennifer H (fr) wrote: I have seen the trailer for this movie. It was enough to spark an interest in this movie. As much as I think that Lauren Becall is ugly she wears this wonderfull expression on her face that I can't sedcirbe. She's good. So a chick-flik with her must be pretty good.

Kerby H (gb) wrote: This is obviously outdated, but it's not really that interesting or entertaining. It's too silly and too long, even at 67 minutes.

Jani M (gb) wrote: Okay horrormovie about a girl (cute as a button Laura Breckenridge) who accidentally hits something with her Jeep (driving under influence). Things get from bad to worse when at home she discovers half dead man impaled in her front bumper. Pretty basic horrorflick with nothing special but nothing specially bad either.

Cary K (mx) wrote: It saddens me to see such low reviews on such a beautifully written story. This movie is rich in storyline, authentic and such a pleasure to view! I believe many of the movie reviewers are too young to know a great movie from a poor one. Many have not seen seen the great classics and would rather review a movie that rely's of computer generated special affects rather then true acting ability.This movie has substance, it makes you think, feel and draws you into to it in an intimate way. Those are the qualities of a beautifully crafted movie experience for me...

bill m (es) wrote: This is a fantastic fun film. Ignore all the bad reviews there is hardly a bad moment in this film. Bruce Willis is at his humorous best - think Moonlighting. It is stupidly funny and all of the characters are loveable. Ally McDowall's dolphin impersonation is worth waiting for. Although all the critics hated this remarkably the renowned critic Dr. Mark Kermode loved it. That in itself is good enough for me.