The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style

The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style

A tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary covering a different subject for each letter of the alphabet, e.g. A is for Anatomy, B is for Babies, etc.

A tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary covering a different subject for each letter of the alphabet, e.g. A is for Anatomy, B is for Babies, etc. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo G (ru) wrote: 5.5/10It was hard to understand what the characters were saying, and although the more intense stuff happened until the end it was too late to make up for a frustrating beginning. ~August 20, 2016~

Kit A (ca) wrote: not bad but not as good as I thought!

Rayane E (de) wrote: My Favorite movie of all time , it never gets old !

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Hot stuff! jennifer yum!

Tom S (jp) wrote: walken is an interesting actor, it's a shame he appears only in 2 or 3 good movies. tv movie standards here in every category, the plot is meandering with a really silly ending with silly looking aliens.

Stephen C (nl) wrote: Stanley Donen Followed Charade with another piece of ace Hitchcock like thriller . This time Gregeory Peck is caught up with Arabs and a Beautiful Sophia Loren. The film is very mod 60s and packed with great set pieces and Henry Mancinis fab score . Donen also adds a good sense of Humour into the mix and one rareley becomes bored by the whole thing ,a fun comedy thriller with plenty of snap and pace

Tim S (ru) wrote: I've never really been an enormous fan of the Gill Man from The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and I guess my rating of this movie probably reflects that, but on its own, it isn't much of a sequel anyway. The most positive things I can really say about Revenge of the Creature is that the costume is still quite good, it's kept mostly in the shadows, and this is the first movie to feature a young Clint Eastwood in nothing more than a cameo appearance. Other than that, there's really not a whole lot going on in this movie. It's mostly boring and silly, which certainly explains why the guys at Mystery Science Theater 3000 got their hands on it. I'd recommend it for all of the positive things I mentioned and not much else. It's clearly a boring movie, despite being a sequel to a pretty successful horror movie (and again, one that I'm not really a fan of).

Galvy F (es) wrote: When its hard to see in some places when it's not like most places that we don't see somethings coming when life here is slow. When we do know whom we have to see when we need some jobs done without anyone seeing. When we need to make somethings seem like something when we need to see someone else pay. When others don't wish to see us but other things when we like seeing what we like. When what we like is the exchange of goods & services we see is worth it. When what we see is not what we think we see when we see a not so peace town and it's people closer. When we see we are full of bad behaviours that we need to see. When what we see we can't undo when the process is already in place and didn't see it was a 1 way deal. When we wish to see somethings when it's our job to verify we seek answers. When we see we must bail others out if jams we see are blind and unfit we do it for those whom we want to continue seeing. When what we see we like when its picturesque on TV and not what we see out here. When what we don't see could kill us when others come inside without being seen to kidnap us. When we see business is business when we see business as as easy as we see it, but not how others see it when we see we all are in for a profit you see. When what we don't see we now see. When what we see we know we now have to see when we can't go back on our plans to see we handle everything as we see planned. When what we forgot to see we know we can handle when it's a minor problem. When what we see we handle when we are the brains of the operation. When others don't see it that way when we see our job is our duty we don't mix with business. When we just like seeing it our way to make sure others dont see what our way is to make sure they never get to tell what they ever see again. When we see others handle all the dirty business we see get ourselves into deeper shit.When what we see is clockwork when we follow a routine, when we see we do double duty at home and work. When what we see doesn't shock us, when it comes with the job. When we see all posibilities and clues to investigate. When we see we can't do somethings when we see we need to hold the cards to see we do another way when we see that we need plans to go as planned. When we see it from others point of view when this is not business but humans life at stake we don't see we should take risks. When what we see is anything going wrong when we don't see others see it at various perspectives to see all plans could go to shit.When we see others are more invested in what they like seeing to not see the worse that could happen to put others at risk of losing what they like seeing. When others just enjoy others not seeing to know they like seeing themselves on top of things. When we see to it others get what they like seeing to see to it they get what they want. When what we see we can help but see somethings we can and cannot use. When what we see we dont see at all when our minds get tired of seeing things fast.When what we do is make others see what we don't see. When what we don't want others to see we stall. When what we see we enjoy seeing when we have huge appetites to seeing when what we do we see it all. When what we like seeing we don't see often when we see it everyday to see we don't want to be seen when we don't want to be seen or disturbed. When we see need to see some people when we have urgent matters. When we see what we must do and whom to see to get the next lead and tip. When it's nice to be seen in times where we don't think we are seen in that way to dull ourselves up and make us seen but not in that way. When others see whom they are dealing with to see they rather be in control, to see others are unfit. When we see our enemies only going after one thing when we see there is not much to see but the profit. When we need to see those whom we never seen for a long time to see we got it good & others have it bad when things are going to shit. When what we do we don't see too much of what we like seeing to do it with the next best thing we like seeing.When we see the plans have changed, must speed things up when their is a tail on us that we didn't see until now. When what we see we do on our own when we see, somethings they rather see coming for them. When we don't see somethings coming for us to learn it the hard way when see others angry when see plans start to unravel. When we see whom we font expect to see to not take things lightly to see to it we mean business. When we don't see somethings coming to see we fight to the vary end. When what we see things are done differently down here when there us tons to see out here then other places. When we see some plans are going down in a really bad way to see things are going to shit.When what we see is out of the ordinary when we see some people's appetites are not like others. When what we see we prefer, when we like what we only see around here. When what we see we can't believe when we see the big payout. When we see other things to take what we want and attend to what we see as fatal. When we need to hide what we see from others seeing when it could draw alot of attention in places where there isn't much eyes to see. When what we see totally surprises us when we didn't see somethings coming. When what we see or don't see we establish or don't establish the connection. When what we see is going nowhere and what others see is leading to somewhere we flee. When we can't believe what others would do to see they get away. When we don't always see what goes on, to see whom we are dealing with to not see somethings coming to us. When somethings are coming to others whom never got to see, justice, their loved ones, or see the day of light again when they were in the hands of a mad man. When we see what we came for to see into matters closer. When we can't believe what we see to put a stop in what we are seeing. When we see we only got 1-2 shots to see we got our men. When we see some people carry life as much more precious then others to see whom some people are. When we never thought we would see somethings in our parts of the woods to see some shit that hits home. When we see that we can run away from our problems to see it catch up to us. When somethings we see all to often we never see where it comes from when it comes from people whom we don't usually see to see that life does go on their and see that there is a big world out there, but rather see other things and see we are small part of something that not many like to see. ***************************************************************************when things are moving too fast in small towns, and keeping up is just too slow. when we thought we were on top of things, when we aren't. with dumb luck and perfect timing we catch up and we are on top of things again. eventually the law gets a hold of you. while it's not the big things that we are commended on, but the little things. We don't know how really big it is, but only doing our job.

Masi A (br) wrote: Its a Shrek ripoff with poop jokes but somehow it still feels like it is an okay movie, even if there are poop jokes.